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Misko Raznatovic Rumors

In the days following the historic agreement, Jokic’s offseason whereabouts populated all sorts of social media channels. He danced shirtless around a fire, went rafting with a few members of his family, and indulged in a giddy karaoke session that was filmed by his wife. His most popular social media sighting, however, came when Raznatovic shared a picture of 5-year-old Nikola, improbably, wearing a Nuggets sweatshirt. The other kid in the photo gave it to Jokic’s father a while ago. He and Raznatovic agreed to hang onto it until a special occasion. That Jokic went on to sign the largest deal in NBA history with the Nuggets, some 22 years later, felt like fate.

Agent: Nikola Jokic expected to sign max extension this summer

Nikola Jokic’s agent Misko Raznatovic confirmed that his client is expected to sign a supermax extension with the Denver Nuggets in 2022 NBA free agency. “According to our expectations, it should be signed this summer. The extension of the maximum amount, what he obviously deserved,” Raznatovic said on the URBONUS podcast. Jokic became eligible for a supermax contract in 2022 or 2023 after winning the MVP award last summer. Per Bobby Marks of ESPN, Jokic’s supermax extension in 2022 is projected to be the largest contract in NBA history, a total of $241M (based on a salary cap of $121.5M).
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The last time Jokic signed a 5-year, $148M extension with Nuggets in 2018, he just exchanged emails with his agent. This time, if everything goes according to plan, Misko Raznatovic would like to organize a big party. “Luka Doncic organized a nice party for his last contract that put some kind of challenge primarily for me because I am very well known for organizing parties and participating in social life,” Raznatovic smiled. “But knowing Nikola, probably nothing will happen, and everything will be the same. Just one piece of paper to be signed.”
As translated by Serbian reporter Sasa Ozmo, Micic’s agent, Misko Raznatovic, said that Micic is “ready to be a great player in the NBA, but I am not sure that it will happen this year.” Raznatovic reportedly went on to say, “if the NBA is not good enough and fair enough towards him, they will have to wait for (Micic) for another year.”