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ML Carr Rumors

“I offered Jerry a first-round draft pick [to simply talk with Jordan] and he goes, ‘Well, M.L., Mike is not coming back. He’s retired.’ Well, he is coming back. I think he is. But he denied the fact that I did that, I guess to save face with his owners. … I thought, [Jordan] had already done it in that Chicago uniform, if he got a chance to come to Boston, put on the green, what a great thing that would be from a marketing standpoint. He would have made a fortune. … It didn’t happen. It would have been wonderful.”
Carr’s desire to talk to Jordan came on the heels of a trip to Chicago where Carr had signed 34-year Dominique Wilkins as his first big-splash move since taking over the general manager position. Surely, if Carr had designs on pairing Jordan and ’Nique, then Wilkins would have been in the loop. So we put the question to The Human Highlight Film. “I don’t think so,” Wilkins said, exploding into laughter from his Georgia home, when apprised of the plan to unite him and Jordan. “It would have been nice. I’d have to loved to play with him, are you kidding? But, if that was true, you would have heard about that before now.”
Both reflected on NBA and how things have changed, who their toughest matchup on the court was, and most importantly, what advice they have for young people. “My advice to the young people is patience” Abdul-Jabbar said. “Take the time to figure out that next step. Take an extra day. Take and extra moment.” M.L. Carr continued the discussion. “I think the most important thing is to understand that asking for help is a sign of strength,” Carr said.