Moondog Rumors

Indiana Pacers power forward David West plans to send the Cavaliers mascot a jersey and pair of shoes after he accidentally hit him in the eye when the two were playing around before Wednesday’s game in Cleveland. Moondog went to a Cleveland hospital to get his eye checked. He was later released. “I feel bad dude got hurt,” West said. “I thought I was just hitting the costume. Then they told me after the game that he got hurt. I felt bad because I seriously didn’t know our playing around would cause him to get hurt.”
The incident had more than 135,000 page views on YouTube as of Friday night. “I just heard about it the next day when they said he was being released from the hospital and I said, ‘What the hell happened?’ They thought he was playing when he was on the ground and found out he wasn’t playing,” Cavaliers coach Byron Scott said. “I think we probably have to go see a vet.” The Pacers looked at the video and teased West about it before Friday’s game. “If there’s anything he needs from me — more minutes, more touches — whatever he wants, he has it,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel joked. “Whatever he wants he has it. Just don’t do me like he did Moondog.”