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Muggsy Bogues Rumors

Dell’s former teammate took notice of the young Stephen’s dedication to the game. Muggsy Bogues, one of the NBA’s more exciting undersized point guards, is amazed at how the journey of the two-time MVP has been so far. “He was like a little sponge, you know, soaking up information everywhere he went. Dell and I played 11 years together. Nine in Charlotte and two years in Toronto, so Steph is like a little nephew to me,” Muggsy Bogues said of the Warriors sharpshooter, via VLAD TV. “I’m just so grateful to be here to be witness what he’s able to do with his career. I mean it’s remarkable, he’s considered one of the greatest shooters of NBA all-time.”
Of all your opponents, which players stood out as the toughest for you to match-up against? Who were the guys you didn’t look forward to playing? Muggsy Bogues: For me, I loved playing against them all. They were all different. One night, I’d be facing a 6-foot-4 Fat Lever. Then, the next night, I’m up against a 6-foot-8 Penny Hardaway. Next, I’m matching up with 5-foot-7 Spud Webb. Then, suddenly, it’s 6-foot-1 Isiah Thomas. For me, it every night in terms of my opponent. You get accustomed to playing against guys of all different sizes. The thing for me was always understanding each guy’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s a different challenge facing the bigger guys I alluded to, like a Penny Hardaway, versus a quick guard like an Allen Iverson or Tim Hardaway or Spud. Those guys present different types of issues and you have to do different things to counter them. It was nice, getting to play against the best of the best, night in and night out. Everybody brought something different to the table.
Being in Space Jam probably introduced you to a whole new generation of fans. How did your role in that movie come together and what’s it like to be part of a classic film? Muggsy Bogues: Space Jam was – and still is – such an iconic, classic movie. That’s not even something we thought about. The fact that it’s still relevant today is incredible. It was a family movie so everyone could enjoy it, from the parents down to the kids. Having the opportunity to take part in it was surreal for me. Michael , Patrick , , and myself all had the same agent: David Falk. I don’t know how it all came about behind the scenes. They felt like I should be one of the cast members. But, believe it or not, I got hurt and I needed surgery, so they actually brought in Tim Hardaway to read my lines and I think they were going to go with Tim because of my injury. But once I read my lines and they felt comfortable I could work through my injury, they actually created a little dolly to pull me on so it looked like I was walking. They made it work. I was thankful that they made it work.
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