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Robinson, who turned 54 in August, has embraced his honorary chairmanship of The Gurwitz because of his lifelong love of music. “It’s just appreciating the sound of the classical compositions and the emotion of the music,” Robinson said, punctuating his affirmation by singing out the iconic opening notes of Beethoven’s Fifth: ‘Da-da-da-DAH; Da-da-da-DAH.’ “If you don’t listen to it — and the same goes for jazz — if you don’t really listen, you don’t appreciate what the musicians are doing. So, my father gave me that appreciation, whether it was Mozart or Beethoven or, later on as I got older, Rachmaninoff. But Beethoven was what I heard first, and his works remain my favorites: Moonlight Sonata, Sonata Pathetique, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. That music had such emotion to it; it had a character to it that appealed to me.”
The Gurwitz and Musical Bridges Around the World are thrilled to have Robinson’s participation as a valued promoter of the competition. Anya Grokhovski, a renowned classical pianist who serves as artistic director and CEO of Musical Bridges, understands that when “The Admiral” speaks, San Antonians listen. “He attributes the art of piano as contributing to the man he is today,” Grokhovski said in a press release issued by The Gurwitz. “To have this NBA All-Star, ‘The Admiral’ himself, serve as Honorary Chairman of The Gurwitz elevates awareness and importance of this competition on the global stage as the world of piano shines a spotlight on San Antonio in 2020.”
“These young visionaries and champion athletes epitomize the melding of competitive greatness with purposeful creative genius.” That’s Bill Walton talking about Chris Benchetler’s new film, Fire on the Mountain, which sets the extreme adventures of a skiing and surfing collective to the music of the Grateful Dead. Shot in the unforgiving environment of the North Pole and the blissed out blue water off the coast of Indonesia, it’s a gorgeous piece of work that strives to provide nothing less than a visual manifestation of the Dead’s musical transcendence. Walton’s narration provides the voice to the film, lending an old-world authenticity to the new generation of seekers hooked on the Dead’s mystical aesthetic.
In case the NCAA is keeping tabs, Rich Paul is eligible to produce music. The head of the powerhouse agency Kluch Sports will make his producer debut on rapper Fat Joe’s upcoming album, “Family Ties,” which is scheduled for release on Friday, Dec. 6. Among a tracklist featuring heavy-hitters Eminem, Lil Wayne and Cardi B, Paul received production credits on the song titled, “Hands On You,” alongside Boi-1da, who most notably produced smash hits for Drake.
On night one, Thingamajig amazed the panel and moved Scherzinger to tears. “I’m confused, it sounds like a singer,” she said, adding that Thingamajig is her future husband. “I don’t even know what just happened. You have such a beautiful voice. I’m looking at Thingamajig, but he sounds like an angel. You have a real gift. Thank you so much for that.” She’s not the first one to tell Oladipo that. He released his first EP, “Songs for You,” two years ago, followed by a full album. Oladipo’s music is inspired by his experiences and how others can relate. “A lot of people told me I should share my gift,” he said then. “I found the opportunity to.”
Multiple calls and emails to FOX and SmartDogMedia, the production company behind the show, were not returned. It was all taped in the offseason, so Oladipo wouldn’t have needed clearance from the Pacers to participate, sources said. Moreover, The Athletic Indiana has learned he shuttled from Miami to Los Angeles at least four times from mid-July to mid-August. T-Pain won Season 1. When media came around, one of the first questions was from a news reporter, who asked Oladipo whether he had heard of the show as he held a giant cut-out of the character. “No, never heard of it,” Oladipo quipped, prepared for the question. “I keep getting that stuff, too. Can y’all please stop (tagging) me on Instagram? That’s not me. I don’t even know what that is.
“Yo, dude,” someone said to DJ Jazzy Jeff, gesturing toward the television. “You’re a character in the game.” The DJ born Jeffrey Allen Townes was hanging out with friends when a group had fired up a game of NBA Jam and entered his code. In the 90s, Townes and Will Smith were hip-hop musicians as well as stars of a popular sitcom, plus they worked with the NBA on its “Stay in School” campaign, so they made an excellent fit for the game. It’s likely that Smith played as himself in NBA Jam, according to Townes, though he typically didn’t have the patience for video games.
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