Music Rumors

On Thursday, Jack Harlow dropped said single, “Tyler Herro,” obviously named after the Miami Heat sharpshooter. The song is laced with an instrumental produced by Boi-1da and Scott Storch, a beat that gives off a celebratory feel that mirrors the accolades Herro and Harlow accumulated during their rookie seasons. “My homeboy Tyler, he play in South Beach,” Harlow raps. “He told me this Summer he gone fix my jumper/I told Boi-1da that we might got a thumper/I been trying to pop, now I’m on like Shumpert.”

“Music was a big part of our life growing up,” Denzel said. “In high school, we used to do beats and freestyle at the lunch table. Then in college, Eron Harris transferred in from West Virginia, and he was making music on his laptop. One day he said, ‘try it.’ ” Valentine tried rapping on one of Harris’ beats and was hooked. This summer, he has been in the gym and the studio. He doesn’t have a specific date in mind, but before the 2020-21 season, Valentine will drop his debut album titled ‘‘517 Made Me.’’
The 517 in the album title is a nod to Lansing’s area code and the influence his hometown, family and childhood friends he’s still close to have had on him. Valentine recorded between two to three times a week this summer and finished the entire 11-track album from the studio in his apartment. Whenever he finished a song, Valentine would send it to the group of friends from his childhood. They are the same guys whose names he drops on his single, ‘‘Get Ya Grind Up’’: Jalin [Thomas], Moses [Morgan], Gary [Harris], Sapp [Anthony Clemmons], Bryn [Forbes], Howie [Jordan Howenstine], Mike [Stepter], and, of course, his big brother.