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Another point: Leonard, Durant and Irving have the luxury of leaving elite teams because all three have won championships. “These guys are now saying, ‘Well, I’ve already achieved what I need to achieve,'” the agent said. “‘Now, what are the outside factors that can influence my life? I want to be home, I want to do movies, I want to be in music, I want to be in venture capital,’ whatever the case may be. And I think at this point, those are factors that you can’t determine.” They also are factors some teams can’t satisfy. “Masai can’t change the fact that Toronto is not Southern California,” the agent said. “I mean, Kawhi had an entire country that was behind him, and he chose to go close to home. … You can’t compete with that.”
Why would you declare that you want to battle an NBA star who has already made two albums and has been praised for it by Lil Wayne? I have no idea, but that’s what Sacramento Kings forward Marvin Bagley III did on Thursday, and it ignited a back-and-forth that stole at least some attention from the NBA draft. It all began with Bagley appearing on ESPN’s First Take, in which Max Kellerman brought up the fact that he thinks the two best rappers in the NBA are either the Kings forward or Lillard. Bagley immediately said he was and that he’d be willing to battle it out on the show or anywhere else:
Storyline: Lillard-Bagley Beef
It’s no secret that Shaquille O’Neal is one of EDM’s (literally) biggest treasures. Yesterday, during Gud Vibrations’ (NGHTMRE and SLANDER) Ultra Music Festival set, the NBA hall of fame center joined Lil Jon and the trio on the main stage. The two guests were brought out to join fellow collaborator NGHTMRE for their track “Bang.” After pumping up the crowd, Shaq slipped into the mosh pit and threw down to some dubstep and more with fans while Gud Vibrations continued with their set.