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In terms of future collaborations, Fivio Foreign and Melanie Charles are two names that were mentioned immediately. Joey BadA$$ isn’t part of the program, but Karson explains how he’s been crucial in the creative process. It’s only natural — in Brooklyn, hip-hop and hoops are synonymous.  “Fivio and Joey are people that fill a different lane both in hip-hop since they’re both incredibly relevant in different ways. Joey’s a little more mature in his career, but Fivio is having a huge moment right now, so with both of them, it’s about how we can bring together that authenticity,” Karson said.
Hart has had nine regular AirPods, two AirPod Max headphones, five AirPod Pros (at least one new pair since June), six Beats Studios, three Powerbeats Pro by Beats and one just labeled “New Airpods.” “Whatever AirPod that is,” Hart said. Hart revealed he now travels with two extra sets of AirPods — one Max and one Pro — just in case he loses one. It almost happened Wednesday night in Charlotte, North Carolina. “I actually lost my case yesterday,” Hart said. “Luckily, our security dude found it.” What happened? “I don’t know,” Hart said. “I just got on the plane and I’m like, ‘F—, I lost it.'”
Now, NBA Youngboy has fired back at both parties, addressing them via his producer’s Instagram account.  The rapper addressed Jania and said, “single moms? you bum b***h, you barely get [booked] you live off his money.” The person Youngboy allegedly referred to is Jania’s boyfriend—NBA player Dejountae Murray. The rapper then spoke about an incident where Murray was allegedly disrespectful to his son, saying, “Yo bf a h*e I was cool with him until he put my son out the car and made him walk.”