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Mychal Thompson Rumors

“It was always Dr. [Jerry] Buss’ goal to pass Boston,” says Laker great Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who led the Lakers to five of those championships. “The Lakers never want the Celtics to win.” “Dr. Buss always would say losing is bad enough but losing to the Celtics was not tolerable,” says Mychal Thompson, who won two titles in LA including one over Boston in the 1987 Finals. “We are all Warriors fans now,” he said. “They have to do us a favor and keep us tied with Boston. We can’t let them get to 18 before us.”
Walt Frazier Enterprises was a landmark. It had an office on Park Avenue. Frazier was its namesake and its face. He owned a third of it. Billy Cunningham, then a 76ers star, owned a third as well. Irwin Weiner, the actual agent in the midst, owned the other portion. Together, they represented some of the league’s top players, from Julius Erving to George McGinnis and George Gervin, at a time when there were few agents even around. “They set the tone for how things are operating now,” Mychal Thompson, one of its clients, said.
And Malone lived at the free-throw line. He averaged 8.2 free-throw attempts per game. Only Karl Malone, Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O’Neal have attempted more career free throws among NBA players than Malone’s 11,090. “I hated Moses,” said Mychal Thompson, the first pick in the 1978 draft by Portland who also went on to play on multiple Lakers championship teams in the 1980s. But like most of the big men of that generation, there was no preparing to bang for 40 minutes with Malone. “I had sleepless nights when I knew I was playing the Rockets or 76ers,” Thompson said. “I knew I was going to be assigned to him. I knew I was going to be sore the next night. The guy was freaking relentless. You just knew you were in for a long night. I knew I was going to be beaten up and bruised. He didn’t mind the contact. And he was in such great shape. He didn’t play above the rim, but he was in great shape and he had such great anticipation on rebounds. It was like playing against an athletic octopus.
Is there a chance that once he retires from playing, we never see Klay again? “Yeah. I’d be surprised. I’d be shocked if he sticks around the NBA scene,” Mychal said. “He’s really into the ocean, really into his boat. I could see him getting on a boat and just sailing the world — cruising the world. Becoming an old sea captain in The Bahamas, and taking tourists out for excursions and stuff [laughter]. I could see him doing that.“