Myles Powell Rumors

Kevin Willard said he had been hearing from NBA personnel about Myles Powell all season, but Powell’s immediate future remains in limbo. “I’m trying to take it day-by-day, I found myself doing some push-ups and sit-ups, I’m trying to run outside, it’s been nice the past couple of days,” Powell said. “I’m trying to do anything to keep my head up high. It’s kind of rough, you know?”
Powell was asked if he had a dream team he’d like to play for in the NBA. Being a Trenton native, he likes the team closest to his hometown. “Me growing up really close to Philly when A.I. [Allen Iverson] was there, just wanting to be like ‘The Answer,’” he said. “My favorite football team was the Eagles, my favorite baseball team is the Phillies. Philadelphia, that stadium is 30 minutes from my home … That would be a dream come true, like wow, the Sixers, and it’s so close to home, but anywhere that would want to take a chance with me that feels it’s the perfect fit for me, I would love it.”
Former NBA guard J.R. Smith, who played at St. Benedict’s Prep and watched several Seton Hall games the last few seasons, has given him support in the process, too. “He’s just telling me to do enjoy my senior year,” he said. “You don’t have many times like this where you’re one of the best players in the country so just having J.R. in my corner, him having so many highs and so many lows, just having somebody like that in your corner, it just helps.”
Powell will take part in the Roc Nation Pro Day on May 28 in Los Angeles and then decide after that. “He’ll decide on the 29th what he’s going to do,” a source close to Powell said. This week he worked out for Brooklyn, Charlotte and Sacramento. He had previously worked out for Oklahoma City and Atlanta, and also impressed at the G League Elite Camp in Chicago although he wasn’t invited to the main NBA Combine.