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Nancy Lieberman Rumors

For the past few seasons, people from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to former WNBA and G League coach and NBA assistant coach Nancy Lieberman said a woman will be hired as a head coach soon. How soon is soon? In an interview last season with USA TODAY Sports, NBA president of league operations Byron Spurell said, “We want it to happen organically, and when the right opportunity matches the right person, this will happen. We just feel we’re so well positioned. If it happens tomorrow or the next day or this season or a few seasons away, we’re really close. But we’re not putting a timetable on it.” Lieberman told USA TODAY Sports: “It’s right in front of us. It’s going to happen.”
Curry took his adoration a step further when he told Hamilton he was not only up for an interview, but wanted to get more involved. That’s how basketball’s greatest jump shooter became an executive producer. Both players are interviewed in the film, along with a lineup of basketball legends — from Dirk Nowitzki to Bob Knight, Nancy Lieberman and Clark Kellogg. Their astonishment at Sailors’ pioneering shot, particularly a photograph that appeared in Life magazine in 1946, will resonate with basketball fans.
Hammon, the first female full-time assistant coach in NBA history, was briefly the only women assistant coach with Nancy Lieberman (2015-17) and Boucek (2017-present), but in the last couple seasons, there has been a clear jump. That should only continue, which comforts Toliver. “It’s progress. Certainly, if they’re qualified for the job, they should have the job. Obviously, other franchises are recognizing the benefit of women on their staffs and I think it’s great.”
“It’s almost embarrassing,” Lieberman said. “But it hits my heart that these guys are just so kind to me. We work very hard together for their success and I’m really proud to be their coach. God blessed me amazing men.” Despite Lieberman wanting to stay on topic about her team the Power, which won its season opener in the BIG3 basketball league Saturday night at Little Caesars Arena, Richardson’s message brought an important issue to light: Nancy Lieberman is a great coach and the NBA is ready for a female head coach.
“The guys on the team, most of them are multi-millionaires and the one thing most of them didn’t have was the chip,” Lieberman said. She changed that. The Power became the second team in league history to win the title. “Let’s break all these barriers,”Ice Cube said while presenting Lieberman the league trophy last season amidst a downpour of confetti at the Barclays Center. “A woman can do anything in sports.”