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Nate Bjorkgren Rumors

The upbeat and positive reinforcement persona — the polar opposite of McMillan — played well during the interview process. One league executive with knowledge of Bjorkgren’s style called it “fake positivity” to IndyStar. Others drew similar conclusions, describing his delivery as awkward at best. As far back as December, in a shortened preseason, another league source with the team had raised red flags about Bjorkgren’s methods, as he coached from an iPad.
Storyline: Nate Bjorkgren Firing
IndyStar has talked to multiple league sources who’ve worked with Bjorkgren, including at previous stops, and they shared first-hand experiences that paint a picture similar to what transpired during his one disastrous season in Indiana. The consensus: They were shocked he became an NBA head coach so soon. It wasn’t just his lack of experience, which can be overcome with adequate staff supporting him, but his methods.
If he had been present for the May 3 embarrassment at Washington, when the Pacers gave up 82 points in the first half, he likely would’ve done it a third time. Caris LeVert, a league source with knowledge of the situation told IndyStar, was among those most incredulous about Bjorkgren’s lack of adjustments for the second half of that game. It was far from the only time he’d feel that way.