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Nate McMillan Rumors

Raja Bell on Trae Young: Is there any sense of where the team falls on this? Because I saw something similar with the boy… Who’s the quarterback from the Jets, a couple of weeks ago… and then he came out with the media and got really combative, and you started to see when they put Mike White in that the team didn’t really have his back. There are situations, I guess this is a long way to get to this, that I’ve been in where a player is stepping up and acting a way towards a coach that is kind of a reflection on the way the team feels about the coach, and there are other situations where a player will act like that and the rest of teammates are like, “Nah, we don’t f*ck with somebody like that.” Sam Amick: I love the question and I think the answer’s pretty clear that the players, if they were picking sides on this, to be honest with you, they’d be on Nate McMillan’s side.
ClutchPoints: “He can’t do this. [The Hawks] have invested way too much in him, they’ve given him the keys… Trae’s gotta mature a little bit.” @ChandlerParsons on the Trae Young-Nate McMillan beef 🎭 (via @FanDuelTV)

Nate McMillan says he would never ask a player to stay home

Kevin Chouinard: Nate McMillan opened his pregame presser with an opening statement about Trae Young. Said he wouldn’t ask a player to stay home.