Nate McMillan Rumors

According to Cleaning the Glass, the Pacers are 23rd in the proportion of their attempts categorized as “long midrange” and 29th in proportion from all midrange areas. Indiana has been in the “top” 10 in the league in terms of the highest frequency of shots in both categories for each of the last seven seasons. That sort of change with essentially no turnover in personnel has to be attributed to schematic change, aka coaching. This shouldn’t be taken as saying that Bjorkgren is a better coach than Nate McMillan overall; rather, this is one specific area in which he has had a positive impact.
Of the NBA’s top 25 winningest coaches, only three are African American: Rivers, Lenny Wilkens and Nate McMillan. “We had the opportunity and we took advantage of it,” Rivers told The Undefeated. “All three proved what we already knew, that a lot of Black men could have done the same thing that we’re doing. … But the worst disease in the NBA for a long time was a fired Black coach because that guy wouldn’t get another shot. “And so where others have gotten opportunity after opportunity after opportunity after opportunity, I still think that is very consistent in our business. I guess I’m not the norm. But compared to us, a lot of our guys get one shot and they’re out and never get another job again, where it just feels like that’s not true with everyone else. And so the fact that we’re three of 25, I take that with pride. But I have mixed emotions because I really do believe others should have the same opportunity.”
Marc Stein: The Pacers are hiring the former NBA big man and longtime assistant Greg Foster as part of new Indiana coach Nate Bjorkgren’s staff, league sources say As @NYTSports reported yesterday, Atlanta is hiring former Pacers coach Nate McMillan to bolster Lloyd Pierce’s Hawks staff