Nate McMillan Rumors

For the past several months, the expectation was that D’Antoni would be hired by the Indiana Pacers, who fired Nate McMillan on Aug. 26. Sources have said McMillan’s coaching style wore on the players. He’s a no-nonsense guy, capable of shaking players out of their comfort zones, and has strict rules.
Storyline: Pacers Coaching Job
Indiana is thought to feel that D’Antoni could turn shooting guard Victor Oladipo into James Harden 2.0, according to sources. Harden, as a Rockets shooting guard, won the 2017-18 league MVP award under D’Antoni. He’s also expected to be named a first-team All-NBA selection for the fourth straight season.

Nate McMillan to take a year off

The good news: McMillan gets to go home to North Carolina – finally – and not only see his wife (it’s been three months) but to meet his first grandchild, Micah, who was born July 1. He will not, however, be a head coach this coming season, even though he figures to be a candidate for several of the NBA’s job openings. “I’m going to take this year and just look at things,” he said. “A lot has changed, the league and the game have changed, so I’ll take this year and see what happens, but I won’t get back into it this season.”