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Then there is Chris “Lethal Shooter” Matthews, who mixes comedic bits on Instagram alongside his shooting workouts with players such as the Milwaukee Bucks’ Grayson Allen and Bobby Portis. That mix of work and fun has earned him 2.2 million followers on the platform, and helped him become a character on the popular video game “NBA2K.” But Allen and Portis only care about Matthews helping them become better shot-makers, and the man known as “Lethal Shooter” is especially equipped to do that. The videos of him dropping in 35-footer after 35-footer are mesmerizing for the metronomic swishes and Matthews’ picture-perfect form that has no wasted motion. Allen can confirm that Matthews doesn’t benefit from any editing tricks.
Allen popped up on Matthews’ Instagram feed on Oct. 17 with video from a workout at UW-Milwaukee’s Klotsche Center. It’s a gym where Matthews has worked out with Portis before. “I worked out with him once last year,” Allen said. “We’ve been talking for a while, though, ever since I was in college. But the first time working out with him was last year and then just got together with him again this year. He came to Milwaukee.”
The NBA 2K League has indefinitely disqualified six players and a coach from any league activity for violating gambling and fantasy rules, it was announced Thursday. An investigation found that Christopher Lafanette, Dorian Earl Miller and Robert Nastasi of Blazer5 Gaming, Kimanni Ingram of Jazz Gaming, and Zekirri Dennis of Mavs Gaming all wagered or attempted to wager on NBA 2K League games, either on their own or through other individuals, the league said in a statement.
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Klay Thompson apologizes to Ronnie 2K after calling him 'clown'

Klay Thompson apologized to Ronnie 2K following the Golden State Warriors Opening Night victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. The two had previously been involved in a public beef, but Thompson clearly wants to move past it. Thompson shared his apology on his Instagram story late Tuesday night. “I would like to apologize to @Ronnie2k,” Thompson wrote. “I was in my feelings about a fictitious rating and I took out my anger on him with trolling in the comments. Cyber-bullying is super lame and loser behavior and for that I am sorry bro.”