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The next edition of the NBA 2K video game series already has two cover athletes in New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson and Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard. A third iteration of the game will honor late Los Angeles Lakers legend and Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant. The new version, called the “Mamba Forever Edition” will be a special copy available for both current and next-generation consoles for $100. Bryant will be featured on the covers of both games, with him in his No. 8 jersey for current generation consoles and next-generation console editions will feature Bryant in his No. 24 jersey.
The New Orleans Pelicans star and the 2019 No. 1 overall pick has been named the NBA 2K21 cover athlete on next-generation consoles. “Realizing that I am going to be on the cover of NBA 2K21 was one of those moments that I am still processing,” said Williamson over a Zoom chat with Sports Illustrated. “I dreamed about being on the cover and for 2K to give me this honor, it means a lot because I have always played 2K with teammates and all my friends growing up. 2K has always been there with me. Looking at each cover and thinking maybe one day I could possibly be on the cover of one of these and for it to actually happen is a lot to process.”
A real general manager should be able to dominate the CPU, right? Daryl Morey is finding out if that’s the case. And watching him control a team on NBA 2K is actually a really interesting experience. At times, he plays the game much more like you’d expect from a general manager, relying on his own knowledge. “I don’t really know how important the ratings are,” Morey said in the initial draft, selecting Dwyane Wade with the fifth overall pick. “I just have my intuitive sense of how good these players are.”
The rules were simple and were part of the reason that he chose Wade: Morey could only select inactive players through the 2K draft, unless they currently play for the Rockets. So James Harden, shockingly rated at 79 overall, was certainly an option for Morey. And that’s exactly who he took to complement Wade in the backcourt. The Rockets are known for their distinctive small-ball style of play, and Morey took that same approach to the game, though the league had not yet reached that type of modernity yet. Shane Battier (former Rocket) was next, followed by the likes of Nikola Mirotic, Jameer Nelson and Marcus Camby.
Take-Two didn’t respond to a request for comment, but company chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick in an earnings call included some insight into how the pandemic has affected sales and game play. “Consumer engagement with NBA 2K remained at record levels throughout fiscal 2020, with daily active users growing 13 percent and MyTeam users increasing nearly 50 percent. During the fourth quarter over 9 million hours of NBA 2K game-play were watched on Twitch across more than 1,100 channels, representing a 40 percent increase over the third quarter,” Zelnick said.
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NBPA considers starting next season on December 1 unlikely

– The NBPA told players 2020-21 season starting on Dec. 1 is “unlikely” and plans to negotiate the date. – The NBPA informed players today that NBA/NBPA will conduct coronavirus testing every night, likely mouth swabs/light nasal swabs and not the full invasive nasal swab. Minimum seven days quarantine for a player if positive. – There could be crowd noise via NBA 2K video game sounds, but the NBA and NBPA is still discussing creative opportunities – Players are expected to return to full paychecks this summer, after taking a 25 percent reduction in May – There is a proposed 35-person travel party limit – There is an expected three-hour practice window for teams, with two courts and weight rooms in the convention center
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Wilson also will supply balls for the WNBA, NBA G League, NBA 2K League and Basketball Africa League. The NBA and Wilson haven’t disclosed the terms of the deal other than to say it’s multiyear, but it’s believed to be 10 years. The NBA’s relationship with Wilson isn’t a new one. The company provided NBA game balls from 1946, when the NBA launched as the Basketball Association of America, until Spalding took over the contract in 1983. “We didn’t spend a lot of time having to get to know them or know what they’ve done throughout the course of this history and brand,” LaRocca said.
Leonsis predicts the 2K League will become a way to attract international fans. “Almost 80 percent of the appeal is gonna be outside of the U.S.,” he said. The league and ESPN announced a deal on Tuesday to broadcast this season’s games both domestically and internationally. Last year’s NBA 2K Finals, the second one ever of its kind, exceeded one million unique viewers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch and YouTube, according to information the NBA provided to The Athletic. A league spokesperson denied a request for demographics of 2K viewership in different countries. “People have seen what we’ve been able to do with Team Liquid, which is the best-performing — in terms of players and prize money — team. But it’s also been a really, really great business,” Leonsis said. “And so, that’s what we think will happen here. We try to explain to everyone that there’s more people outside of the U.S. on the Internet than (there) are here and their first exposure to the NBA is probably gonna be through NBA 2K.”
The league is expanding to China. When the season begins Tuesday, it will have its first non-NBA affiliated squad: The Gen.G Tigers, located in Shanghai. It ran games on Tencent in China last season. It scheduled day games to air at primetime in Europe. The long-term goals are bigger. “We envision this being a global league,” 2K League managing director Brendan Donohue said. “We’re in the process and in our near future, we see having an Asia Pacific division, a European division of 2K League teams.”
ESPN will air live NBA 2K League matches on ESPN2 on three Tuesdays in May, the sports network announced today. It’s the first time that the NBA 2K League, which is operated by the NBA, will have matches aired live on TV in the US, according to ESPN. Some league matches will also be shown on the ESPN app and, depending on the day of the week and when in the season you’re watching. On Tuesdays at 7PM ET, starting today through May 19th, you can watch NBA 2K League matches on ESPN2. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 7PM ET, you can watch NBA 2K League games on the ESPN app and ESPN has not yet announced the broadcast schedule for games that take place beginning May 26th.
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With the NBA season at a standstill, agencies quickly switched gears and focused attention on entering clients in gaming competitions. “We worked closely with the NBPA to enter our guys into the NBA 2K Players Tournament,” Excel Sports Management’s Davis said. Four of the agency’s clients — DeMarcus Cousins, Andre Drummond, Hassan Whiteside and Harrison Barnes — competed. “The reason why a lot of these guys were really inclined is it was a way to connect with fans and they are into playing the game.”
Basketball fans missing their live game action can at least look forward to some virtual competition as the 2020 NBA 2K League tips off next week. The esports league has announced its regular season will begin on Tuesday, May 5 with at least six weeks of remote gameplay. All 23 NBA 2K League teams will play games remotely from their local markets, with the games simulcast live on the 2K League’s Twitch and YouTube channels. Four best-of-three matches are scheduled every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night over the six-week period. Each series will count as a regular-season win or loss.
The platform, which includes a website, discussion forum, shop and podcast, will host an NBA 2K Tournament in the coming weeks. The video game tournament will benefit Aramark employees who work at UVa and are losing out on wages due to UVa’s grounds and sporting events temporarily shutting down. The event also coincides with an auction of various memorabilia, including a signed Ty Jerome Phoenix Suns jersey and a 2019 national championship hat signed by Jerome.
While the video game NBA 2K has been the fix for fans and players alike right now, it has been years since the Warriors superstar got on the sticks. And that’s not going to change anytime soon. “I ain’t seen a video game controller since I had kids, so that’s a little different,” Curry told Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” when asked Monday night if he has just been playing 2K to pass the time. “I can’t resort back to that.”
Competitors in the #PlayApartTogether tournament will duke it out over games like “Fortnite,” “Rocket League,” “NBA 2K20,” and “FIFA 20,” among others. Viewers will be able to track participants, brackets, and standings throughout the tournament using Facebook Gaming’s recently launched tournaments tool. During each tournament stream, viewers will also be able to donate money to the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 fundraiser for the WHO via Facebook donation tools. The list of competitors includes: Andre Drummond, Dwight Howard, and JaVale McGee from the NBA; Justin Herbert, Christian McCaffrey, Joe Burrow, and Jarvis Landry of the NFL; the WWE’s Ron “The Truth” Killings; Alex Bregman and Lance McCullers of the MLB; PGA golfer Bryson DeChambeau; and influencer Jen Selter.
A Bergen County nurse just became thousands of dollars richer after filling out a perfect bracket for an NBA sponsored video game tournament, prompting the betting app he used to donate the same amount to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund. Michael Catala, a Little Ferry resident, won $20,000 after correctly guessing every winner and loser of a televised virtual tournament for basketball video game NBA 2K20, which included stars like Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant and Atlanta Hawks’s Trae Young.
Booker defeated teammate Deandre Ayton in the finals Saturday to win $100,000 to give to his charity of choice in support of coronavirus relief efforts. #FirstRespondersFirst provides “essential supplies, equipment and resources for the protection of frontline healthcare workers” while Arizona Food Bank Network is “a non-profit organization serving five regional food bank members across the state of Arizona and a network of nearly 1,200 food pantries and agencies.”
Arizona Food Bank Network is one of the non-profit organizations to benefit from Booker’s $100,000 donation through Twitch last month. Phoenix Suns Charities matched for COVID-19 relief efforts. “I had a really great time participating in the NBA 2K Players Tournament,” said Booker. an avid gamer, in a news release about the 16-player tournament ESPN aired. “Winning it was really great for my competitive spirit and I’m glad I could give our fans a little taste of basketball while supporting COVID-19 relief efforts. I hope that our fans stay safe and healthy during this time and I can’t wait to get back on the court soon.”
Viewership numbers overall have been seen as a resounding success by the Suns’ organization. The matchup between Ty Jerome and Josh Okogie (Suns vs Timberwolves) reached 3.1 million viewers on Twitter, while Mikal Bridges vs. Matisse Thybulle as the Suns vs 76ers hit 2 million, as did Miami Dolphins defensive end Shaq Lawson (as the Oklahoma City Thunder) facing Arizona Cardinals running back Chase Edmonds (as the Suns). The Suns’ Twitch account, which was created only a month ago, now sits at over 448,000 total views with just under 7,000 followers.
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Viewership numbers overall have been seen as a resounding success by the Suns’ organization. The matchup between Ty Jerome and Josh Okogie (Suns vs Timberwolves) reached 3.1 million viewers on Twitter, while Mikal Bridges vs. Matisse Thybulle as the Suns vs 76ers hit 2 million, as did Miami Dolphins defensive end Shaq Lawson (as the Oklahoma City Thunder) facing Arizona Cardinals running back Chase Edmonds (as the Suns). The Suns’ Twitch account, which was created only a month ago, now sits at over 448,000 total views with just under 7,000 followers.
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During his run to the semis, Beverley gave everyone watching at home a taste of the nonstop motor on his mouth, with his trash talking often going viral during wins over Portland’s Hassan Whiteside and Cleveland’s Andre Drummond. Before their matchup, Beverley told Drummond that he had been “working out like a madman” during the quarantine. “I already know, you have no off switch, man,” Drummond said.
At one point when Whiteside messed up an alley-oop attempt while using LeBron James in the video game, Beverley even found a way to talk trash to virtual LeBron. “Video game James, he’s got some years on him now,” Beverley said. “He can’t just be jumping all over the rim now.” When Whiteside said that Giannis Antetokounmpo is like “a cheat code” in the video game, Beverley quickly corrected Whiteside. “It ain’t Giannis playing, I’m controlling him,” Beverley said. “So I’m just a cheat code.”
“If you ever want to see an example of Pat being quiet, you watch the first couple minutes of that game against Hassan Whiteside [and] guys are texting like, ‘What’s wrong with Pat?'” Clippers president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank said last week about teammates watching Beverley play. “‘Is Pat sick? Is Pat under the weather? Does the volume not work on Pat’s control?’ And then all of a sudden, he started to get a little rhythm.” And everyone else got to see in this NBA 2K Players Tournament what the Clippers see on a daily basis. “Pat was back being Pat,” Frank said.