NBA 2K Rumors

But the potential financial impact isn’t limited to the Rockets. The NBA 2K League, the league’s esports venture and a major investment, recently announced plans to partner with Gen.G to place a franchise in Shanghai – the first time the NBA has placed a team outside of North America. It’s unclear if those plans are in jeopardy given current tensions. Representatives for the 2K League and Gen.G did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
For the first time in his life, Williamson can play NBA2K and not have to create himself on the video game. He is rated No. 81, with Hassan Whiteside, Serge Ibaka, Rudy Gay, Domantas Sabonis and Jonas Valanciunas. He is also the top rookie. However … “My guy is not that good in 2K. That’s OK. He’s slower than I’d like but it’s fine,” Williamson said. “It’s weird though. At the AAU trips when you’re younger, you’re playing 2K with your friends and teammates and you’re having fun. You slide over to the right or to the left and you start pushing the button to switch teams, ‘Boom, you’re right there.’ You don’t have to create your player. Your player is already there. It’s just like, ‘Man, I’m here. But I want to stay here for a long time.’ All this stuff just adds motivation to my fire.”
The NBA 2K League kicked off in 2018 with an interesting premise: a group of professional teams, each affiliated with an NBA squad, playing a virtual rendition of the sport. Now, after two seasons, the league is looking to expand beyond the NBA with a new club based in Shanghai. The Chinese team will be the first in the league based outside of North America and the first not operated by an NBA team. The currently unnamed squad will be owned and operated by Gen.G, a multigame e-sports organization that currently has teams in PUBG, Fortnite, League of Legends, and also owns the Seoul Dynasty of the Overwatch League. The Shanghai team will join the league in 2020, and it will be based out of Gen.G’s Los Angeles office. Like all other 2K League teams, it will play games at the league’s studio in New York.
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