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Ultimately, Tornike Shengelia decided to sign a new contract with Virtus until 2024 (with an option for the 2024/2025 season), despite some other interesting options available for him and his own desire for one more shot in the NBA. “During the summer I had my mind set also to go back to the NBA, and I had many other offers from several different clubs. Finally, I decided with my family to sign a new contract here with Virtus. Obviously, I already saw how the system and the team were working. I like the project, the coach, the players, and the city is amazing. These things combined together are enough for me to push me back to this decision”, he said.
Storyline: Tornike Shengelia NBA return?
Rob Perez: NBA just pushed through the revamped app update: • News feed timeline • Original content (Warriors documentary) • Above all: a massive rollout of the NBA archive, including multiple old games for *every* franchise in the league…all the way back to the 1960s Check it out: