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Kobe Bryant not interested in NBA ownership?

The segment in question came at about 6:30 in the video above. In it, Bryant tries to dodge Quintanilla’s inquiry about a sports franchise as an investment. Via CNBC: Quintanilla: We had Jerry Jones on the other day talking about streaming rights, how that might change if get a big player bidding for NFL. He thought it might improve the valuation of the Cowboys by 50%. Does sports ownership interest either of you at this point? Bryant: I’ll let you answer that question because I don’t want to get myself into hot water yet. Stibel: So we’re going to let Carl answer that. Quintanilla: Then we’re all in big trouble. Stibel: For us, we’re fiscally disciplined. We’re looking for great businesses, great companies and great teams. If that happens to be on the sports side, of course, we’re going to look there. There are great sports franchises. That’s not necessarily our focus. We’re trying to build a franchise here ourselves.
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During Nowitzki’s final exit interview, he responded to a question, stating that he’d be “honored” to be a part-owner of the Mavs one day. So naturally, we went to the boss man himself to get his thoughts on that idea. “Absolutely,” Cuban told in an exclusive 1-on-1 interview. “I’ll have the convo with Dirk in the future. There is a lot of things involved to make it all work. But it would be awesome.”