NBPA Rumors

One GM told HoopsHype that his capologist is constantly presenting him with potential moves that could free up cap space, open roster spots or add an expiring contract, and he evaluates each potential move with his staff. The GM named a few of his completed trades that were constructed entirely by the team’s capologist. NBA Capologist: “I spend almost all of my time coming up with hundreds, if not thousands, of trade ideas. There are many that I come up with on my own. Sometimes, an executive says, ‘We want to add a post scorer. Go identify those players and bring me back a handful of trades that would work.’ Or they’ll say, ‘We’re willing to move Player X and Player Y, but not Player Z. Play around with that and see what you can come up with.’ When another team calls or our GM has a specific trade that they’re thinking about, I’m asked to figure out the details. I may want to trade Player 1 for Player 2, but their salaries likely don’t match, so I’m figuring out which side needs to add to the deal and what they’d be adding in order to make it work. It’s a lot of fun!
Larry Coon: “Sometimes, people are able to think of things that nobody has thought of doing or they take advantage of a rule in a way that nobody has thought to try. A good example of this is the Gilbert Arenas Provision. Everyone thought of it as, ‘Hey, we have a couple of players – including Gilbert Arenas – in a situation we didn’t intend. We made Bird Rights ramp up from one year to three years, which created a situation where some rookies who weren’t first-round draft picks become free agents after their second year and their teams can’t match!’ Well, creative thinkers come along, like Daryl Morey, and they realize, ‘Hey, we can use that to create a poison-pill offer!’ You have executives who are coming up with things like that and looking at rules from an angle that’s not expected.”