NCAA Rumors

In a letter emailed to University of Louisville president Dr. Neeli Bendapudi, former Louisville men’s basketball All-American & Hall of Famer Alfred “Butch” Beard requested that the school “remove my name and accomplishments from any existing or future mention.” Beard cited that “the university’s commitment to young black men” being “far from what it should look like in 2021” as his reasoning for wanting disassociation from his alma mater, and gave a couple examples as to why.
The Hardinsburg, Ky. native stated how he was disappointed at how the university “hasn’t deemed it important to honor Wes Unseld”, who passed away last summer. He is just one of just four players in program history to have his jersey number retired, alongside Charlie Tyra, Darrell Griffith and Pervis Ellison.
Seandel: During his freshman year I think Steve sometimes thought, ‘What the hell is this?’ Coach could be extremely tough on you, but there was never any doubt when push came to shove he had your back. This was entirely new to him. Steve Nash: He taught me a tremendous amount, and toughened me up mentally, which was important. Seandel: I remember having little conferences with Steve (saying), ‘You gotta hang in there, this is the way it is.’
Von Buchwaldt: He made Marbury look silly at times. And you’re like, that’s a guy you know is going to go in the NBA in the lottery. He was a freshman but Steve had his way with him. Winn: At that time (Allen Iverson) was the No. 1 point guard. This is a guy that when you watch what he does, can dribble, go to the hoop, dunk it, you’re like, Steve is in that class? Fizdale: He was a badass.