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Nick DePaula: The Howard University Women’s & Men’s Golf teams are now on Curry Brand, and will wear @Stephen Curry’s “Splash” logo on team uniforms. In 2019, Curry pledged 6 years of funding & equipment sponsorship to revive Howard’s Golf program for the first time since the 1970s.

Greg Oden joining Ohio State coaching staff

The last time he was at Ohio State, he got a taste of the coaching life. Now, Greg Oden is coming back for a bigger bite. The former Buckeye center and eventual No. 1 NBA draft pick will join Chris Holtmann’s staff this season as a graduate student with an eye on becoming a full-time coach. It’s a bigger role than the one Oden held previously at Ohio State, when he was a student manager and eventually student coach before earning his degree two years ago.
“I’m thankful, honestly, for coach Holt and his staff who have welcomed me in and given me this opportunity because that’s literally what I want to do is get into coaching,” Oden said. “One of the toughest things to do is get your foot in the door, so for them to give me this opportunity while I’m able to actually get a Master’s degree in sports coaching from The Ohio State University, which I would love, is something that’s just amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I’m just so thankful and ready to take advantage of this opportunity.”
If the NIL rule were in place, it’s possible Corey Kispert could have turned his stardom in Spokane, WA into a lucrative business. Or at least a couple of extra dollars. “I’m so happy for everybody now who gets a fair shake at that. They are going to take advantage of who they are and the position that they’re in,” he told NBC Sports Washington. “The timing sucks, you know. That’s about it, that’s the only complaint I have. But I’m really happy and I just hope people go about it wisely and take advantage of the opportunity they are given.”