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Nelly Rumors

Once upon a time, according to the Washington Post, Bradley Beal was just a kid who was a family friend of Cornell Haynes. Haynes, who is older, would occasionally walk him to school. Beal grew up to be an NBA player. Haynes, not long after those walks to school, became a rapper better known as Nelly. The two kept in touch and Nelly even got some courtside seats to the All-Star events on Saturday night (though it’s not clear if they’re from Beal or just from being Nelly). So when Beal did this in the first round of the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest, the St. Louis rapper was incredibly excited.
Most know him as Nelly, platinum-selling rapper and part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Bradley Beal also knows him as Cornell Haynes, the family friend who would occasionally walk him to elementary school before hitting it big. Nelly was a former star athlete at University City High in suburban St. Louis, where Beal’s mother, Besta, was a physical education teacher and athletic director. So, Beal can’t remember the first time he met Nelly, only that it was “ages ago.” “I knew who we was, but I didn’t know,” Beal said of the now 39-year-old Nelly. “He wasn’t as big as he is now, but he was an up-and-coming rapper and eventually ‘Country Grammar’ came out” in 2000.
“Yeah, I needed him to be able to show up to games,” Beal said with a laugh, when asked about Nelly, “but nah, I just stayed with it. My teammates did a great job of setting me up. And I was shooting the ball with a lot of confidence and was fortunate to get a couple to fall.” Beal was playing so well that Nelly started heckling him to let up a bit. “He was telling me, ‘Don’t do ‘em like that.’ It was cool,” Beal said with a smile. “He owns a little bit of the Bobcats, so I was like, I couldn’t really say too much. Couldn’t shake his hand, but it was definitely cool.”