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New Jersey Nets Rumors

It’s quite another thing to know that from the seventh through 12th picks, you took one of these half-dozen guys: Lorenzen Wright – L.A. Clippers Kerry Kittles – New Jersey Nets Samaki Walker – Dallas Mavericks Erick Dampier – Indiana Pacers Todd Fuller – Golden State Warriors Vitaly Potapenko – Cleveland Cavaliers Over Kobe Bryant. Or Steve Nash. Or Jermaine O’Neal. Or even Peja Stojakovic. That’s a clean 35 All-Star selections from picks 13 to 17 versus none from picks seven to 12.

Storyline: Uniforms
The coaches’ association has taken periodic polls, most recently two seasons ago, and found “overwhelming support” for suits over polos, Carlisle said. Carlisle spent two years as an assistant with the New Jersey Nets under Chuck Daly, perhaps the most fashion-forward head coach in NBA history. Daly had a sponsorship deal with Hugo Boss. On one road trip, he invited Carlisle to a Hugo Boss outlet for a shopping spree. “It was the nicest stuff I had ever had to that point,” Carlisle said.
Scotto got Thorn to talk about how he saw Kidd fitting in with the Nets, how he was strong in all the areas where the Nets had been weak in his first year as GM, when the Nets won 26 games and weren’t exactly a model of good basketball. “All of the things that we were not very good at, Kidd was good at. He was a great chemistry guy, a tremendous passer, a tremendous rebounder, and a great defensive player. He helped us in all the ways that we weren’t very good. You could tell in preseason practice we were going to be better. I don’t think anybody thought we’d turn out to be as good as we were.”
We learned that something special had taken place between Goran Dragic and the mother of former NBA player Drazen Petrović. Specifically, Biserka Petrović sent over her son’s New Jersey Nets kit as a gift for Dragic. Via Sportando and SiolNET: “It is one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever received in my life” Dragic told Siol. “He was my idol. We all know what he did for Yugoslavia and the basketball world. It was a great honor for me to wear the jersey no. 3” Dragic added.