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NBA fans gotta keep the water bottles, spit and popcorn to themselves … so says NFL tight end Gerald Everett, who tells TMZ Sports the wild spectators need to cut the crap and keep sports a peaceful place for everyone. There have been several instances of fans crossing the line at NBA games over the past week — with superstars like Trae Young, Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook having objects — or liquids — hurled in their direction.
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Michele Roberts: 'NBA players should take credit for being the most progressive sports league on the planet'

Michele Roberts: And while some people are not of the view that there is systemic racism in this country that needs to be addressed—and there are people in our league that feel that way—those voices have not have not suppressed those of us who feel otherwise. So my hope is that the league will continue to honor the rights of our players and coaches and owners, who do think it’s incumbent upon the business to allow for the continued expression of people’s views. And I hate to see us go backwards. S–t, I remember when the [WNBA] women were fined for wearing warmup shirts. It was rescinded and that’s never happened again. The fact that we have gone from a period of four or five years ago, when basketball players were fined for being “out of uniform” to where last summer, guys were able to express themselves on their jerseys. In my view, that is nothing other than progress. I think in some ways, we’ve even maybe pushed football a little bit further than they had been before. The NBA players should take credit for, frankly, being the most progressive sports league on the planet.
Aaron Rodgers might be pulling the equivalent of that in the NFL — or at least something close to it. He’s clearly unhappy in his situation with the Packers. So he’s trying to force his way out. Anthony Davis said he totally understands where he’s coming from. He was playing Call of Duty live on a stream and was asked about the situation by his game chat.