NFL Rumors

From there, Morey made real news by saying that, in addition to “a couple of NBA teams,” he was contacted by an NFL team and a baseball team. Though the baseball topic wasn’t broached any further, Eisen did ask Morey for more information on the NFL conversation. Morey did indicate that the team that contacted him “didn’t offer it, and they just reached out to talk,” but he wasn’t quite ready to make that jump.”
Liz Mullen: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver tops the list of @SBJSBD’s reader survey on the question: Which professional sports league commissioner/top executive was most effective at navigating the challenges of 2020? SBJ:

Sikka, who also directs the Timberwolves’ COVID-19 procedures, pushed the Wolves to innovate on how to scout and analyze players virtually. For guidance, he connected with franchises in other sports that have drafted virtually. The Wolves spoke with the Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Yankees, among others. They talked to one NFL team about how it handled trade scenarios, taking note of the rarity of zero trades in the first 13 picks of this year’s NFL draft.