Nick Nurse Rumors

Bjorkgren has retained assistant coach Bill Bayno, a league source with direct knowledge of the situation told IndyStar on Sunday, for a bench role. Bjorkgren is expected to rotate responsibilities among his staff much as Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse does with his staff, rather than having coaches focus on a specific aspect of the game such as defense or big men. Bayno is the only holdover from McMillan’s staff, with Popeye Jones and Dan Burke going to the Philadelphia 76ers. Bayno is in Los Angeles working out Holiday and Domantas Sabonis.
The reigning NBA Coach of the Year sat down with 680 NEWS fresh off the heels of his first publication titled, in short form, ‘The Rapture‘ – already a best seller on Amazon since its release on Oct. 13. Nurse – who also discussed his passion for music, that coveted first NBA title, and his relationship with Masai Ujiri and Kyle Lowry – first elaborated on the book, which he describes as “part memoir, part leadership.” “Little bit of basketball in there, right, as head coach of the Raptors,” Nurse joked with our own Geoff Rohoman. “We had a championship season so we’ll take you behind the scenes for some of that as well, but I really enjoyed writing it and am glad that it’s out and hitting the market right now.”
Nurse acknowledges that none of this would be possible without his friend and boss, Raptors President, Masai Ujiri. After Ujiri first agreed to become the Raptors general manager in May of 2013, Nurse was one of his first hires, joining then head coach Dwane Casey as an assistant. Masai trusted Nurse so much that, ahead of the 2018-2019 season, he promoted him to head coach. The rest, as they say, is history. “It’s fascinating for me to see guys at the top of their game and how they operate,” Nurse said of Ujiri. “He’s the best, man. I owe a lot to him. We all do for what he’s created here with the Raptors.”
Calling the Nov. 3 election “the most important of our lifetime,” the Toronto Raptors coach has joined with his team in a very public campaign to get Americans living in Canada to vote. “There’s no more excuses this time around,” Nurse told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday. “I gave you all mine. Everybody’s got excuses, but we’ve all got to put excuses aside and make sure we all do our part and vote. That’s it. “I think it does matter. It matters a lot. I think it’s important,” he added. “I think not voting would weigh heavy on my conscience. Let’s put it that way.”