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Nico Harrison Rumors

Updating our recent piece on lead decision-makers in the front office who have met with the media to field questions since their teams’ seasons ended: Twenty-five of the 28 lead executives whose offseasons are already underway have conducted interview sessions. After recent press conferences that featured Miami’s Pat Riley, Dallas’ Nico Harrison and Utah’s Danny Ainge, there are only three holdouts: San Antonio (whose franchise patriarch, Gregg Popovich, speaks to the media near-daily while the Spurs are in season), Milwaukee (Jon Horst has yet to hold his expected season wrap-up) and the New York Knicks (whose president of basketball operations Leon Rose simply refuses to take questions from any media entity apart from MSG Network).
Current NBA fans may know Brunson as the father of Dallas Mavericks guard Jalen Brunson, whom the Knicks had been interested in prior to the trade deadline. Brunson is an unrestricted free agent. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and general manager Nico Harrison have said that the team wants to re-sign Brunson.
I know you looked into Nico Harrison’s Nike background and knew a lot about him when you hired him, but what did you learn about him in his first year as general manager? Cuban: He’s a communicator. He’s a listener. He’s a learner. He’s agile. He’s curious. All the things I look for in any successful executive. And the players respect him and enjoy it. And they talk to him and connect with him continuously. And that a huge, huge, huge positive for us.
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