Nico Mannion Rumors

While Nico Mannion is fully expected to declare for the 2020 NBA Draft, the Arizona Wildcats point guard has yet to officially announce his intentions. Expect that to happen pretty soon. The freshman told an Italian newspaper—La Repubblica—that he will make a decision “entro pochi giorni” which translates to “within a few days” in English. The article was published on April 6.
Storyline: Draft Early Entries
A couple of days later Dan Majerle—former Suns star, current college coach, no Googling required—came up during a camp game and said, “Nico, Grand Canyon University is offering you a scholarship. Now go back to the game.” San Francisco came next, sight unseen, followed by Utah State and Utah, Pace’s alma mater. This meant Nico had six scholarship offers before he’d played a game in high school, which Pace deems “crazy” but is not all that uncommon. High-profile middle schoolers have been targeted for years, going back to 2003, when Taylor King accepted an offer to UCLA before his first high school game. More recently, LeBron James Jr., who is 10, reportedly received college offers, which understandably pissed off his dad. And there exist websites already covering “The Class of 2027”, also known as second graders. The fact that all this happens does not make it right, much less beneficial in any way to the still-developing boys, only legally allowable.
Four years from now, if all goes as planned, Nico Mannion will be on your TV, playing for a big-time college basketball program, like UCLA or Duke or Kentucky. He’ll lead the offense fearlessly, rain deep jumpers and regularly dunk on fools. He’ll also own a bazillion free pairs of shoes, eat Oreos whenever he wants and have, like, a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. He might even have a girlfriend, though he’s not totally sure about that part yet. And after that? Well, after that the future gets awfully big. The NBA? The face of a shoe company? His own bobblehead, complete with a poof of red hair?
Nico has seen only a few clips of Pace, but knows he was a 6’ 7″ small forward with a sweet mustache who played at Utah, spent six seasons coming off the bench in the NBA, then 13 starring in the Italian league. Similarly, Nico has never seen footage of his mom playing pro volleyball in Italy but knows she must have been legit because, well, just look at her, all quads and biceps even now, at 42.