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Norm Nixon Rumors

“To be clear, HUGE @globeBobRyan admirer. Huge,” the author tweeted. “But I’d also say the Jerry West sainthood movement (especially after ep 1) is a tad much. West literally hired a PI to tail Norm Nixon around LA after (wrongly) suspecting he was a coke addict. West also made some players’ lives torturous with the intensity, the verbal beatdowns. The other day a longtime Laker employee called me and said, ‘I recognize the Jerry on TV more than the one being described by defenders.’ And this is NOT to say Jerry West isn’t a great man. He is.
Still living in L.A., Norm Nixon is no stranger to returning to Macon and giving back. He’s helped former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis with basketball camps and travel teams in the past. When COVID-19 hit the United States, he knew it was time to give back again. He called up Ellis to help those most vulnerable. “We discussed it and he said, ‘I tell you what, I’m from Bird City. I’m gonna feed, how many senior citizens in Bird City?’ We had a count, got to be 88, and he said, ‘I want to feed everyone of them,” Ellis said.
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Before the next game, Riley was summoned, along with Lakers owner Jerry Buss and then-GM Jerry West, for a pregame meeting with then-Commissioner Larry O’Brien – and Stern, then the league’s executive vice president. The VP did all the talking. “He said, ‘You are not bigger than the game,’” Riley said. “He said, ‘You do that again, and I’m going to send you someplace you don’t want to go… with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson, and Jamaal Wilkes and Norm Nixon, and Michael Cooper, you don’t need the help of the officials – if you can coach at all. So I’m thinking you can’t coach, and you do need the help of the officials.’”