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That mindset is why Green didn’t want Tristan Thompson to get suspended during the Finals. After a late Game 1 scuffle in which Thompson shoved the ball in Green’s face, the league interviewed Green about the incident the next day. The conversation — as paraphrased, according to sources — went something along these lines: NBA: Do you expect any of the negative emotions to spill over into Game 2? Green: No, each game is a story of its own. I don’t anticipate there being a carryover. Not at all.
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NBA: What about Tristan shoving the ball in your face? Green: Nah, it was 2.6 seconds remaining in the game. Tristan was just giving me the ball so we could get the game over with. NBA: Are you sure there won’t be any bad blood? Green: Man, it’s the Warriors versus the Cavaliers, not the Bloods versus the Crips. According to sources briefed on the call, the league paused momentarily before replying, “Well, OK.” Thompson avoided a suspension.
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If there’s one adjustment the Cavs can make for Game 3, it’s to simply move on from what happened here. “At the end of the day, if you don’t give effort and you don’t play hard, you never give yourself a chance to win,” Thompson said. “At the end of the day, you control what you can control. Just go out and play. Make or miss, you think you got fouled, you think it’s a travel — you have to get back on defense and communicate. That’s what Golden State wants. They want you to hang back, complain to the refs because they’re going to come down and knock a three in your face.”
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The NBA is planning to experiment with a coach’s challenge system on referees’ calls during Las Vegas Summer League, according to league sources. Officials are still working on what mechanism coaches will use to trigger a challenge and what the parameters are, but they will not use a flag, sources said. Both the NFL and Major League Baseball have coach’s challenge systems.
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