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Olympics Rumors

Jordan wore the jacket on the medal stand after the Dream Team completed an undefeated run through the Olympic men’s basketball tournament, but not without controversy. Jordan was in his first decade as a Nike athlete, but the jacket was manufactured by Reebok. Instead of giving the rival company any additional spotlight, Jordan draped an American flag over his shoulder to cover the Reebok logo.

Team USA won't demand players a long-term commitment

As Grant Hill prepares for the two-year cycle that includes this summer’s World Cup in Manila and next year’s Olympics in Paris, he is taking a softer approach toward attracting America’s elite players. “There’s no commitment necessary, no ‘if you want to play in the Olympics, you have to play here,'” Hill said Monday on a video call with reporters. “I understood why that was implemented and I think it was tremendously successful…But we feel like we had to make a change in that regard. So no tryouts, no commitment.”
With players paying more attention to load management and offseason recovery, the previous demands are a harder sell. Additionally, there has been a change to the international basketball schedule and the World Cup and Olympics are now played in back-to-back summers, making the time investment for the national team more demanding in a shorter window. “You have to adapt to the times,” Hill said. “If you looked at the NBA, it has changed tremendously. It’s changed since I retired in 2013. Every generation’s different and it’s important for us as leadership, particularly USA Basketball, to recognize that and be willing to adapt with that change.”