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Omar Wilkes Rumors

Considering how long you two have known each other, how did it all come together now? CA: Over the last two years, we were talking and talking and talking. When he got the partnership with UTA, it gave him the bandwidth and the platform and the resources to build out some of the things we had been talking about. He reached out to me and said it was time. One of the reasons Rich wanted to bring me on is he felt he needed an OG. He needed a guy who has been around. Those guys are relatively young and I think I am at least 12 years their senior. He wanted a well-experienced guy who was established in the industry and was well-respected. This had been in the works for over a year now and we just started putting it all together. I was part of the process that brought Omar Wilkes over from Octagon. Obviously, then, COVID-19 slowed things down. We took a slower approach. Honestly, this has been done. Today was just the public announcement.
Darren Heitner: No. 1 pick Anthony Edwards is represented by Omar Wilkes of Klutch Sports. Wilkes was at Octagon, but earlier this year signed on to Rich Paul’s agency to become head of the basketball division that reps LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Trae Young, etc. #NBADraft