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Oprah Winfrey Rumors

Eventually, he landed jobs in more traditional television. Today, he’s working on multiple projects. He’s a writer/producer on Ava Duvernay’s upcoming Colin Kaepernick miniseries as well as “Cherish The Day,” another Duvernay show on OWN, Oprah Winfrey’s TV network. Johnson’s Doncic tweet had Duvernay laughing hard enough to offer a shoutout. One especially surreal moment for Johnson? Hearing Duvernay and Oprah were trading his memes and laughing at his work. “Part of what makes him special is he’s been a one-man band at this thing,” Toledano said. “He’s grabbing numbers that all companies want, but he’s doing it himself. He’s showing one person can do this. And that’s incredible, but I’ve seen companies try it with one person and they can’t recreate the magic he has on his account.”
Have you gotten an explanation from the filmmakers about why you weren’t interviewed? Craig Hodges: Nah, man. Not at all; they don’t got to talk to little ‘ol me! (laughs) And this is the cold part: When you look at America, when you become a billionaire, you become insulated to a degree. So, hey man, I don’t expect them . If they didn’t want me to be a part of it, they didn’t want to be a part of it. Me not being a part of it, there has to be some reasoning behind it. I would love to know what their reasoning is. But I kind of know what it is from a standpoint that I’ve never not spoken on behalf of people. I’ve never not spoken up about human rights. And it’s not just about black people; it’s about a human-rights condition that we can have an impact on because we were champions at that time in a city like Chicago. During the time that we were winning championships, there were 900 murders , man. Somebody has to speak to that. … In this city, you had two of the brightest stars in the history of African people on the planet Earth – Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey – and look at our condition in Chicago. And where are they at now?
Former Cincinnati Bearcats standout Jason Maxiell, who spent eight of his 10 NBA seasons with the Detroit Pistons, appeared on Iyanla: Fix My Life on the ‎Oprah Winfrey Network and talked about his infidelity, admitting specifically that he slept with 341 women before and during his marriage to wife Brandi Maxiell. Iyanla’s response to the 34-year-old Maxiell: “Every time you’re with another woman, you abandon you. And every time you tell another lie, you abandon you. And every time you take a drink to stuff the pain down, you abandon you. This wasn’t about sex. This was about punishment.” She also questioned Maxiell about sex addiction and asked about how often he consumes alcohol.
Tarik Black: I have a lot of fond memories of my adventures volunteering for the museum for its various events. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela and Dr. Paul Rusesabagina at the annual Freedom Awards (an awards gala the museum has every year to celebrate national and international touchstones of philanthropy and people who fight against social injustice). When I was 12 years old or so, I was attending the Freedom Awards as an aspiring athlete watching Magic Johnson speak about his works in giving back. He spoke of his basketball legacy as a vehicle and platform to reach those who are in need. He told of how basketball did not define him but enabled his greater calling of philanthropy. That inspired me so much and has been my creed since I’ve flourished in basketball.