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His return to Varese came with its own kind of plan too. He rejoined the club with the option to eventually purchase it. The agreement called for him to buy control over five years. By May, it was his. “I feel there is a lot of margin for improvement here in Europe and European sports,” Scola said. “People with NBA experience have a huge edge compared to other places. They’re a little bit behind. I also knew that it would be difficult to do things because teams structured here in Europe are used to doing things in one way for many, many years, and sometimes it’s hard to get people to do things differently. I knew whatever I did I had to be in a role to make decisions.”
There are many differences between an NBA organization and one in the Italian league, not least of all the number of emails. In the NBA, Arcieri said he was besieged by them. When he was an executive in New York, he would answer 40  to 50 a day. In Varese, he averages two. When important meetings happen, he sometimes hears of them because Scola’s executive assistant sits nearby. The break room is just outside his office. So is the coffee maker. That is a hub for internal communication. Here, no one gets into the office at 7 in the morning. “They’re getting in at 9,” he said. “We’re trying to change that.”
A few weeks ago, the Board of Governors approved a rule change that allows sovereign wealth funds to buy stakes in teams in addition to other institutional funds, such as endowments and pension funds, a change first reported by Sportico and confirmed by ESPN. This opens a door for something not seen in American sports: an arm of a foreign government buying into a league. Such investments are not permitted in other major U.S. leagues — at least not yet. Under the just-adopted policy, a foreign fund could buy up to 20% of a team and purchase stakes in up to five teams. Any such transaction would be subject to significant vetting, league sources said. Such a situation calls to mind the nine-month approval process the NBA put former Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov through before he became the first foreign controlling owner in 2009.
With team values potentially reaching historic levels — there is a belief within league leadership a potential Suns sale will break the $3 billion barrier — the reality is there might be a shallower pool of individual buyers at such price points, team sales advisers told ESPN. There remain some interested billionaires in such a market. There was a group of bidders willing to go to the $4 billion mark on the recently sold Denver Broncos, and none were Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who has since been linked to a possible bid for the Commanders. There were also multiple American groups that bid for Chelsea FC, which sold for more than $5 billion to a group led by Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers co-owner Todd Boehly.
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Floyd Mayweather has offered 'a little over $2 billion' to buy NBA team

Floyd Mayweather didn’t deny the possibility of seeking ownership for a potential team in either Las Vegas or Seattle as well as an existing team. “It could be the Vegas franchise. It could be the Seattle franchise or I could be buying a franchise that’s already up and running,” said Mayweather. “So the first offer, we offered them a little over $2 billion for majority ownership. Do I have it? Absolutely, I have it, but it didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen overnight. It’s a lot when you have so many different businesses all around the world. It’s a lot.”
Mayweather indicated that he and his business partners continue to pursue the purchase of an NBA team. Mayweather didn’t indicate which franchise was in his sights but indicated that the pursuit has been in the works for an extended period. “I’ve been working on buying a NBA team outright,” said Mayweather. “One of my other business partners, Brent Johnson, he’s here. So we’ve been working on the NBA team for a while now. It’s kinda, it’s rough.”