Owners Rumors

“Oh, it’s been huge,” Rivers said of Ballmer. “It’s been the biggest savior for me. You look at now – look at our front office, we have like 50 people in the front office. I think we had what, four? Just the changes and the things that Steve has allowed us to do, everything’s first class. We do things right. We treat everybody right. It’s nice. It’s been great.”
Heat president Pat Riley and owner Micky Arison refused to acquiesce to a risk-accepted return. “It was tough, man. It was stressful,” Bosh says. “And nobody wanted it to be like that. And it’s business. I understood the whole time of where they were coming from and how they felt, but I want to make sure that people understood how I felt, as well. Sometimes that requires confrontation or involves confrontation. It was never confrontational. It was never anything detrimental to our relationship. We always kept it business. We all pretty much disagreed.”