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Gary Forbes: For the game of basketball and more importantly the players who work hard to represent Panama. It’s a disgrace having to put up with sum1. This might b the worst organized team I’ve ever been on and no fault to the players or coach. It’s the President who shows lack of respect. But to no surprise Miguel Sanchiz did not show up. He is the worst thing to happen to the Panama basketball organization. Total disrespect
Gary Forbes: I have to be honest with you guys. Team Panama is struggling on the court due to behind the scenes issues. Our team is the only team not backed by our government and probably the only team without any sponsors. Our president, who I will not name, has put the team in a lose/lose situation in my eyes. Our practice facilities are subpar, practicing on 9-foot baskets, as your regulation baskets are 10 feet. Panama has a facility, “Roberto Duran” Coliseum, which we can’t use because it is a government owned facility. There are two federations in Panama and basically we are a private club team. Crazy, huh?
11 years ago via SLAM
Gary Forbes: Our President booked our tickets home for September 4th because he didn’t believe we’d make it to the second round. Along with that, we have one coach, no staff, no trainers, and once again no backing or support from our country. I was in a meeting before I left Panama with the Pan Deportes President who said that we don’t represent Panama when we play in these international tournaments, FIBA recognizes us but not the government. I had no clue of these conditions before I came to represent my country.
11 years ago via SLAM