PAOK Rumors

Not only did Maggette witness just how passionate PAOK’s fans can be, he also toured the team’s facilities and met with members of the organization. Maggette enjoyed his trip to Greece and the contract talks between his camp and PAOK are ongoing and serious. The offer currently on the table is a one-year, $5 million deal that would include an NBA opt-out clause for Maggette to return to the United States once a new collective bargaining agreement is ratified. Not only will Maggette make roughly $415,000 per month with PAOK, he’ll also receive a portion of jersey and memorabilia sales from the products that are sold as a result of his arrival.
Μore than 1,000 PAOK fans welcomed Corey Maggete at Thessaloniki’s airport. The NBA superstar landed at Macedonia Airport at 22:55 and more than 1,000 crazy fans were waiting for him. After this big welcome Maggete said, “I am very happy and impressed. The fans are crazy and maybe I will play for PAOK. My agent did a very good job and I will give my answer to PAOK’S people very soon”.