Pat Cummings Rumors

“We’ve lost a lot of guys over the last couple of years,” King said, “Moses, Darryl Dawkins, Jerome Kersey and before that Pat Cummings, just to name a few. And a lot of these guys have died of heart attacks. So I think it’s great that the league, the players association and the retired players association are joining forces to try and figure out why that is and what we can do to adequately provide for everyone.”
The last time Pat Cummings and I were together, the mood was tense, the bitterness intense from years of rubbing each other raw with words that hurt and branding him with a derogatory nickname that stuck. By happenstance, we found ourselves in the YMHA gym on 14th Street and First Avenue dubbed “Harvey World” after the guy who ran the place. For three decades, I was a non-card-carrying regular at the early afternoon run. Cummings showed up that day unannounced. We were stunned to see each other, especially me, because I was within strangling distance. If the ballers didn’t know about the friction that existed between us, they sure sensed it soon enough. He had been retired a short while following 12 NBA seasons, but during his four as a Knick, and for years afterward, “Shortcummings” often made the column.