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Pat Riley Rumors

“When I met Pat during free agency he pulled out every trick and it was quite the performance,” Bosh recalled. “As I was starting to stand up to leave from the meeting, he pulled out one last trick. He took out this velvet bag full of championship rings and dumped them all across the table and he picked one up and he looked me dead in my eye and he said, ‘You give it back to me when we win one together.’ “Now when I think about it, it was crazy because I hadn’t even agreed to sign with Miami. But that’s Pat. We did win a ring together, two of them. But I never gave back the one he loaned me because for whatever reason, I wanted to wait until the right moment and I figured this would be a good moment.”
“Pat’s name came up and we’ve always had a connection,” Bosh said during an interview with the Miami Herald earlier this offseason. “He had shared with me that he was a writer and it didn’t even occur to me that I should read his book. You know, we just had those connections through the conversations, and I asked him [to write the foreword]. You got to ask and he said yes. I was just, of course, over the moon, and he took his time. But when he sent it back, I didn’t know what to feel. It’s just like reading these words from a legend, and they’re so complimentary and so nice.”
Q: The Heat made it to the NBA Finals in 2019-20 and were then swept out of the first round last season. What will it take to make another deep playoff run this upcoming season? Chris Bosh: “You see what Brooklyn was trying to do. They’re swinging for the fences, man. That’s the day and age that we live in. But I think they have enough. Everything is there. They just have to get better. One thing that is true about the Heat, it trickles down from the top. Pat Riley and the Arison family, they’re always looking for ways to compete for a championship. Pat says it himself, ‘There’s winning and then there’s misery.’ So you can assume that they’re miserable. They’re always working.”