Pat Riley Rumors

“I think he has that ability,” Heat president Pat Riley said when asked if the 6-foot-6 Richardson can be an upper-echelon starting small forward. “And, again, the game has changed. It really has changed. And it’s hard, a lot of the times, to make sure that your key player, the ones that you believe in and the ones that you have the most money to are going to get 12 to 15 shots or 18 shots a game. “Is Josh a small forward? Is he a two? I think he’s probably more of a two, but in today’s game and also how we play and the fact that we’re guard-oriented, perimeter-oriented in a lot of ways, Josh is pushed over to the three most of the time. But he could be playing a power forward, but he’s probably a two. And he’s going to have to improve. There’s no doubt that his improvement and upside has to do with being sort of a go-to guy and the end of the game to be able to handle pressure.”