Pat Williams Rumors

This year, the Magic will rely on a decades-old talking Lil’ Penny doll. Pat Williams, a co-founder of the Magic, intends to carry the toy into Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton for the 2018 NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night. Williams will sit in the room where four pingpong balls will be drawn from a lottery machine and hope the Magic win the top overall pick. The doll will sit close by. “We put the finest minds we’ve got on this one and this is what they came up with,” Williams joked.
Williams, the Magic’s co-founder and senior VP, couldn’t imagine Perry’s captivating ride since his Magic departure that followed the franchise’s worst five-season stint in history. “He’s here for five years, working as a right-hand man to [former GM] Rob Hennigan,’’ Williams told The Post. “He was very behind the scenes, the invisible guy. Don’t think he was ever quoted. Suddenly he’s extremely visible. Quoted more in the last two weeks than his entire career.
Storyline: Knicks Front Office
The Magic have made a critical decision that could alter the 2015-16 season. What, they’ve named a new head coach? Nah. This is bigger, much bigger: They will station good-luck charm Pat Williams in the room closer to the actual ping-pong balls for the NBA Draft Lottery on May 19 in New York. Williams has won three previous lotteries with Orlando — the last one coming in 2004 (Dwight Howard.)
Now, Williams has been able to resume his speaking engagements and traveling with the Magic when needed. That includes his trip to the draft lottery, something that, in 2011, it did not seem he would be alive for. But Williams has fought his way back to his normal life. Well, mostly. “Other than marathons,” he said. “No more marathons, at least at this point. I have done 58 of them, but they’re on hold for now.”