Patrick Williams Rumors

“I think his perception, I didn’t agree with the perception people have of him,’’ Karnisovas told reporters in a Zoom call hours after grabbing the Florida State forward with the fourth-overall pick. “They thought he was a raw athlete and he wasn’t skilled, and when I saw his skill level and ball handling and shooting and ability to pass, I would disagree that he’s just a raw athlete. He just knows how to play.
“I think another, he’s a versatile defender so he can guard from one-through-five, so I don’t even know what position he is. He’s going to identify that when he gets here to Chicago and coach [Billy] Donovan, he’s going to be able to use him. If you watch Florida State games, after baskets, he would be full-court pressing on top of guards. And that’s a very unique skill for such an athletic and big player.’’