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Patty Mills Rumors

The Nets’ coach plans to keep the roster juggling to a minimum. He just slid Patty Mills back into the starting lineup for Friday’s 121-109 loss to the Bucks and will give Irving the nod on the road, rather than tearing up the rotations the Nets have spent almost half the season honing and starting over from scratch.  “Yeah, I don’t think that’s the approach. I think it’s to be simple,” Nash said. “Two things. One, keeping it simple is best for everyone. Two, something is always going on with our squad and availability, so we’re mixing-and-matching often. So keeping it simple in this case is probably the best way, and the way that makes the most sense.  “And if you strip it all down, you’re probably overthinking it as well.”
Culture has been a staple to the Nets organization … and Patty Mills. That is what helped lead Mills, a player that sticks to culture, to Brooklyn. The veteran guard was smiling throughout the event and was amazed by the community’s presence. “I’m a culture guy. That’s who I am and what makes me tick,” Mills said in August. “So to be able to dive in deep to the culture of Brooklyn, and everything that’s great about that and what it has to offer was the next step.”