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Trail Blazers on sale?

The Trail Blazers are now listed as being worth $1.85 BILLION. That’s incredible to me for a team not located in one of the nation’s media centers. And it reinforces something that I’ve been saying for months now: Jody Allen is going to sell this team. I’m not sure when, because it probably has to await the untangling of all of Paul Allen’s assets.
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There are still enough potential interested parties who want to own a team that they can be found on the down low. Nobody knew Paul Allen was buying the team until he sat down at his first news conference. I expect the same thing to happen in the next year or two — only Jody Allen isn’t likely to be there. But she’s going to sell. And you can take that to the bank.
A mega yacht owned by late billionaire Paul Allen is up for sale with a mega price tag to match. Octopus, the 414-foot super yacht which ranks as one of the world’s largest, has been listed for $325 million. Allen, who died last October at age 65, took delivery of the vessel in 2003 and over the years the Microsoft co-founder was known to use it for everything from A-list parties to marine research expeditions.
When Paul Allen bought the team from Larry Weinberg on May 31, 1988, it came as a complete surprise. Nobody had any idea the team was even on the market until Allen showed up for the news conference. There is little doubt, if the franchise were to be put on the market, who would be the early odds-on favorite to buy it. That would be Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle Corporation. Ellison has attempted to buy three NBA teams, the Golden State Warriors, New Orleans Pelicans and Memphis Grizzlies.
As game time nears, and Stotts changes into his suit and tie, he reaches for the pin: a rose with the initials P.G.A. (Paul Gardner Allen) to place on his left lapel. “It’s a reminder of him, and what he has done,” Stotts said. “And, that he’s not here anymore.” During Stotts’ first six years in Portland, it wasn’t unusual for Allen to sit in Stotts’ office and visit before games. And sometimes Allen would be the first to greet coaches and players as they entered the locker room. Stotts always appreciated how involved and inquisitive Allen was about the team.
Three days before the season opened, owner Paul Allen suddenly died from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. And 10 days ago, as the Blazers were beating Brooklyn to clinch a playoff berth, Jusuf Nurkic’s season ended with a grotesque compound fracture of the bones in his left leg. That trauma was just nine days after the team rushed from the bench to the court in San Antonio to surround CJ McCollum, who was clutching what turned out to be a sprained left knee. McCollum hasn’t played since. “A lesser team would use that kind of stuff as crutches, as excuses,” Damian Lillard said. “But this team is not made up that way.”