Paul Silas Rumors

No one thinks Dwight Howard or any other NBA big man will start having 30-rebound games on a regular basis. But Paul Silas hopes Howard’s spectacular game Wednesday challenges him to be that much better going forward. […] “He’s not going to get 30 every game. But if he applies himself like that, the team would do so much better,” said Silas, still a season-ticket holder who lives in the Charlotte area. “He’s a big guy, but he knows how to jump. When he jumps the right away, he can get all those rebounds,” Silas continued. “Sometimes he’s not jumping, and that’s when that’s not happening.”
Silas is perhaps best known by hardcore NBA aficionados for his work with a young Steph Curry. He taught Steph his two-basketball dribbling routine and he gets a chuckle when fans come to the arena early to watch Curry’s pregame workout. Their relationship has deep roots. Silas had known Steph since he was a kid growing up in Charlotte. His niece and nephew went to the same school and Paul Silas had coached Dell Curry with the Hornets. They were both sons of former players and hit it off immediately. Curry would come over on off days and watch games or eat dinner. They’d go to church together or go to the gym and get up shots. “He’s like the perfect student,” Silas says. “He listens all the time, asks great questions, challenges you a little. You can tell him something and he’ll get better right after you tell him. He stretches you, which was good for me as a coach.”