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Pete D’Alessandro Rumors

Orlando Magic President of Basketball Operations Jeff Weltman announced a series of basketball operations promotions today. Pete D’Alessandro, who joined the Magic in 2017, has been promoted to associate general manager. David Bencs has been elevated to an assistant general manager. Adetunji Adedipe has been promoted to vice president of player personnel. Stephen Mervis has been promoted to vice president of basketball strategy & evaluation. Larry Thompson has been promoted to vice president of security. Kevin Tiller has been named the general manager of the Lakeland Magic.
Storyline: Stephen Curry Injury
That is all true. The part about former general manager Pete D’Alessandro and ex-coach Michael Malone despising each other? That is also true. But here’s where Ranadive goofed and why Petrie is miffed: “I needed somebody to go and actually work out the players,” Ranadive told USA Today. “Nobody wanted to be there. There was no coach (Keith Smart), no GM. Geoff (Petrie) didn’t want to be there. There was nobody there.” Actually there was. Petrie and his front office staffers stayed around during the chaotic, time-compressed ownership transition to scout players and help incoming coach Michael Malone work out prospects before the June 27 NBA draft.
On the five-on-four front, I’d spoken to folks who swore there was real substance there. And the idea, obviously, was that owners are coming in the room with a persona that ‘I know it better than you do.’ I think that’s when it started feeding that fire. Vivek Ranadive: “Yeah, and this is what was absurd. I’d never actually spoken to the coach (Michael Malone, who is now head coach of the Denver Nuggets). I’ve spent more time with this coach than I did with the previous coaches combined … I still have the highest regard for him, but you’re put in a difficult situation. I mean from Day One, the GM (Pete D’Alessandro, who now works with Malone in Denver as the Senior Vice President of Business and Team Operations) and him didn’t get along. They hated each other’s guts. They didn’t even want to share an assistant. Then later on, I found out that the GM had fired a guy who was part of the coaching staff and had sued us. (As Ranadive confirmed, he was referring to Shareef Abdur-Rahim, the former Kings assistant coach turned assistant general manager who left the organization in the 2014 offseason. According to multiple people with knowledge of the situation, the Kings – under threat of a civil lawsuit for “hostile work environment” – paid the final two and a half years of Abdur-Rahim’s deal. The people spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because of the private nature of the situation).
“There’s no dynamic (with him and Ranadive),” Malone said. “Again, thankful for the opportunity he gave me. The night I got fired, that Sunday night, Dec. 14, it was Pete D’Alessandro who fired me and I never saw Vivek and I never heard from Vivek. We never spoke. “It doesn’t bother me. If you get fired, you’re fired. It doesn’t matter who fired you, right? He hired me. Pete fired me. And whether it was Pete’s call or Vivek’s call, who knows? Vivek reached out to me this morning, sent me a text to say ‘Welcome back to Sac.’ But we haven’t maintained any type of relationship.”