Peter Guber Rumors

“I think Joe is playing that same role now as we look to establish what the appropriate protocols are for restarting our next season. I’d say Peter (Guber), on the other hand, I see more as a futurist. I don’t talk to Peter quite as often as I do Joe, but we speak and meet frequently. I think Peter has a broader perspective on his success in the entertainment industry, but also the other sports franchises — both minor- and major-league — that he has had investments in over the years. “I’d say Peter is more focused on what’s coming next. I think Peter is often prodding me to say, ‘Are you familiar with a certain new technology? Or, are you thinking more broadly about the competition that sports will face in the future? Or, are you thinking of sports in a larger context or how to entertain our fans?’ So, I can see how they complement each other really well.”
“We are doubling down on our organizational commitment and accountability in the fight for racial and social justice,” said Warriors President & Chief Operating Officer Rick Welts. “Joe Lacob and Peter Guber released a statement in May outlining our roadmap; specifically, our organizational Voice, Feet, Heart and Wallet resources; these principles will guide our organizational efforts for many years to come.”
Statement from Warriors Co-Executive Chairmen Joe Lacob and Peter Guber: As Chairmen of the Golden State Warriors organization, and as citizens of our country and members of the community, we are resolute in our belief that our collective attitude and aptitude around race relations must be for real change now. The inequity and intolerance that permeates our society must stop! We are at a tipping point in our national race relations and we all must take the leadership responsibility for creating real and sustainable change. We all must align our feet, tongue, heart and wallet as the only way to accomplish this imperative.
JA Adande on Michael Jordan: “He can’t compete with the Warriors and the Joe Lacob’s and the Peter Guber’s and all these tech guys that are coming in. He can’t compete in that realm. Financially — as successful as he’s been — this is a whole different level that these tech guys and these venture capital guys are playing at. “And it frustrates him to no end that he can’t play at their level, when his whole life he’s used to playing at levels higher than everybody else. He can’t beat them in this realm.”