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Peter Holt Rumors

“We are forever grateful for the contributions of every Spurs investor dating back to 1973. There are countless individuals who have impacted the organization and our community in so many ways over the last five decades,” said Peter J. Holt. “The Holt family is excited to continue working with all of our investors to provide the support, leadership and resources needed for the Spurs to continue to thrive in San Antonio.”

Peter J. Holt taking over as Spurs chairman

Peter J. Holt has succeeded his mother as chairman and co-chief executive officer of Spurs Sports & Entertainment, the Spurs announced Friday. Julianna Hawn Holt, Peter J. Holt’s mother, had held those posts since March 2018, when she succeeded her husband Peter M. Holt after he stepped down following a 20-year stint as the franchise’s boss.