Peter Vecsey Rumors

LeBron James and Enes Kanter were hit with technical fouls and needed to be separated during a heated scuffle from the first quarter of Monday’s Cavaliers-Knicks game. As Knicks fans applauded Kanter for standing up to LeBron, one New York sportswriter’s joke on Twitter crossed a line. Longtime writer Peter Vecsey reacted to the scuffle by quoting a Notorious B.I.G. lyric with a racial slur. Though Vecsey edited the N-word, the use of the slur (in any form) in reference to LeBron James did not sit well with NBA fans.
Peter Vecsey: Six decades later, to the surprise of nobody as little as droopily conscious, college chicanery involving the recruitment of prized HS players, and their families (including AAU coaches, I suspect), continues to run amok. It also continues to be coordinated by one or more bag men/assistants per shady school. They consider it a privilege to muck the head coach’s stall, and perform any other necessary dirty work to gain trust, a promotion or a letter of recommendation. The master plan is to insulate the head coach from prosecution, if not dismissal, should the school’s business be put out on the street.
Peter Vecsey: Had Katina Powell, the madam who’d choreographed the 2015 campus sex parties — that included her two teenaged daughters — not written a book (aptly titled ‘Breaking Cardinal Rules’) about it, the trafficking and prostitution almost certainly would’ve become an annual recruiting tool. Again, out one side of his mouth, Pitino repudiated any culpability, claiming he knew nothing about it. Out the other side, he habitually claimed to know everything that went on within the program. One way or the other, a head coach is strictly accountable for any dishonorable deeds committed by subordinates.
According to a report by Peter Vecsey, Hornacek rode Porzingis hard last season and their feud culminated in explosive fashion. Willy Hernangomez is Porzingis’ best friend on the team, and at one point, Hornacek reportedly cornered the Spanish big man and told him to tell Porzingis to stop “stop playing like a pu**y.” That led Porzingis to skip out on his exit interview and basically shut down any relationship with his head coach. Vecsey does note that he’s heard Porzingis and Hornacek are back on speaking terms, either through text or through Hernangomez. We’ll see how long that lasts.
Storyline: Hornacek-Porzingis Dynamic