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Phil Jackson Rumors

O’Neal also participated in pregame meditations led by former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, who would tell players to close their eyes and think about being in the championship parade, or being down one or two points and overcoming their fears. “He brought in sage,” O’Neal says. There may have been a method to the madness, too. During Jackson’s 20 seasons as an NBA head coach, he won a record 11 championships, including three with O’Neal during their five seasons together. “He always told us to go to our happy place,” O’Neal says.
That 2002 Western Conference finals series was as close as it gets between two teams, right? Chris Webber: I’m not ashamed of losing to L.A. I know we did everything we could, and I’m appreciative as an athlete to have prepared myself for the moment. They had two Hall of Famers, Big Shot Bob (Robert Horry) and a Hall of Fame coach (Phil Jackson) who coached Jordan, and they barely could get by us. In a day that the league didn’t want small teams to win. Whatever it is, I’m proud that I battled and that the team that we lost to still has our scars at least in some areas because of my presence. Sports has no guarantees. I’m proud to battle with Doug Christie, Mike Bibby, Peja, Vlade, Bobby Jackson. I’m proud that I can look them in the eye because we gave our best effort.
Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony’s working relationship was so bad the former chastised the latter several times in public. For Anthony, all these have made him close the door—at least for now—on the idea of patching things up with Jackson. “Nah! I mean, I don’t need closure. … I know if I had a sit-down with you, you wouldn’t say that. You would say something totally different. You’re gonna tell me something like oh it wasn’t like that. I ain’t really got time for that. I don’t need it at this point.”
The star-studded series also features rare interviews with Jordan and Pippen about Longley as well as the towering Australian’s former Bulls teammate Steve Kerr and coach Phil Jackson. Longley has, until now, declined to comment publicly on The Last Dance, which detailed Jordan’s influence on the all-conquering Bulls team and the brash operation run by then-general manager Jerry Krause.