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Tim Reynolds: Most NBA coaching wins with one franchise, including playoffs: 1. Gregg Popovich, Spurs, 1,450 2. Jerry Sloan, Jazz, 1,223 3. Red Auerbach, Celtics, 885 4. Phil Jackson, Lakers, 728 5. Red Holzman, Knicks, 667 6. Phil Jackson, Bulls, 656 7. Erik Spoelstra, Heat, 655
LaVine was 3-years old by the time time the MJ, Scottie Pippen-led and Phil Jackson coached Bulls earned their second three-peat in the Windy City. Thank Heavens for YouTube and for ESPN’s airing of The Last Dance during the spring. “I think the thing I didn’t realize is how much stress and how much pressure he had on him and how he handled it,” LaVine told me.
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They would ultimately have three-day coaching retreat. Nurse and Jackson would spend time doing a variety of things including talking through coaching philosophy. Nurse goes further into this once in a lifetime trip in his brand new book, Rapture. As we all know, Nick Nurse would go on to take the Raptors to their first ever NBA championship in his first season as a head coach less than a year after this retreat. It goes to show that the trip to see Phil Jackson got him off on the right foot and set him up for success.
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AF: As a long-time Laker, you were coached by Phil Jackson, one of the all-time greats. Anything from the Zen Master that applies to business? Shaq: Yeah, he always taught us to think positive, and to see a maximization of your potential. For example, if I’m looking to open another 10 pizza stores, I’m thinking about not just the idea but realizing it in terms of the look and decor, putting in the neon lights and signs, and all the little things that makes it work and become super successful. And also—don’t worry or think negative. If, say, one of your stores was flooded, you don’t freak out about shutting down and losing business for two weeks, but you look for where the problem is to fix it. Call the plumber, boom. Call someone else to re-paint, boom. Do what you need to do get business going again. I think a lot of people go directly to panic mode.