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Now, we know why presidential candidate Andrew Yang is a fan of the Nets. It was all about Jeremy Lin and the way his —and Yang’s former— team, the Knicks, “dumped” him after LinSanity. Yang in fact uses strong and unprintable language to describe his breaking point with Dolan’s Knicks. Not long after, he switched loyalties. And we also know one reason why the maverick candidate has a growing connection to the Nets. It too is personal. Yang says he’s “friendly” with Joe Tsai. Yang was interviewed on the “Off the Pill” podcast with Ryan Higa, who’s better known for his comedy videos.
Sanders was asked during an appearance on “The Kyle Kulinski Show” who he’d pick between James and Jordan, and unsurprisingly this is another area where his opinion differs from the current president: Kulinski: Last question: Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Sanders: LeBron James. Kulinski: Is that because of the policy he just supported with you? Sanders: Well actually, yes, I think LeBron has been willing to do what a lot of athletes are not and get involved in the political process, put money into education, and I respect that.
Storyline: LeBron vs. Jordan Debate
A bill that would let college athletes in California profit from endorsements has a high-profile backer: NBA superstar LeBron James. The bill, SB 206, called the Fair Pay to Play Act, would prohibit schools in California from taking away scholarships or eligibility from college athletes who use their celebrity to make money. Senate Bill 206 has cleared the state Senate and is awaiting a vote by the full California State Assembly.

2 weeks ago via ESPN