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Tony Gonzales is filing legislation to stop any possible move up Interstate 35 for the Spurs, and to prevent other small market teams from ditching communities that have invested time, tears — and a whole lot of cash — in them. His bill, The Strengthening Public Undertakings for Retaining Sports Act — or SPURS Act for short — would set up strict requirements for teams to relocate. A franchise would have to lose money for five years in a row, plus prove that its stadium is inadequate or that local governments are flouting its agreements with the team.
The legislation would require teams to give a year’s notice if they want to relocate, and it would allow local governments to veto the move. It would also force teams that do move to reimburse whatever financial assistance or incentives were provided to them, such as special tax incentives or arena financing. Local governments could sue teams for damages, as well.
“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire — and there’s absolutely smoke,” the San Antonio Republican said. “Look what happened to the Seattle SuperSonics,” Gonzales said of the now-Oklahoma City Thunder; or the San Diego Chargers or St. Louis Rams, both of which now call Los Angeles home. “No one would ever imagine the Spurs would leave San Antonio, but what if they do?” Gonzales said. “Sometimes when we say it takes an act of Congress, sometimes we have to take that seriously.”
“I understand the situation,” mentioned Kirilenko referring to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the result of the invasion of Russia, “I am sure players don’t follow politics nor are interested in politics. But nowadays everyone is an expert. We are all experts in viruses and the next day in politics. I don’t know anything about politics. I know about basketball. That’s where I can help.” “I talk about basketball and play sports because I am convinced I understand how things work,” he added, “Sports should be uniting people, not separating. Basketball exists for us to enjoy together and that’s how it should be all around the world.”
Bill Walton is challenging San Diego city hall to get a grip on its homeless crisis. Walton, a progressive Grateful Dead enthusiast who is hardly a Rush Limbaugh acolyte, has called out San Diego mayor Todd Gloria in multiple forums. The website Voice of San Diego documented several letters that Walton wrote to Mayor Gloria on the issue, including one where the NBA and broadcasting legend said he was assaulted.
Michelle Obama’s voter registration and engagement initiative is making a push to get Black voters to the polls for this November’s midterm elections. The former first lady and Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul teamed up for a video released Friday — timed to coincide with National Black Voter Day, which was launched in 2020 by BET and the National Urban League — encouraging Black voters to get registered and head to the ballot boxes.
Joe Biden: I had a chance to meet with Elizabeth Whelan and Cherelle Griner to keep them apprised of where we are in negotiations with Russia. My Administration will continue to work tirelessly and pursue every possible avenue to bring Paul and Brittney home as soon as possible.