Portland Rumors

Baxter Holmes: What will Kobe Bryant miss about Portland? Late-night strolls around the city. “I used to go for walks a lot here in Portland, even while it was raining,” Bryant said after playing his final game here Saturday. “It’s an extremely beautiful city. I used to go walking around quite a bit. During playoffs, I’m not a big sleeper, so at 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock in the morning, I’d just go for a walk and just take it all in.”
A few minutes ago, I received the following from Aldridge: Dear Rip City, Thank you! Those two words on a page don’t begin to express the gratitude I have for the opportunity the entire Trail Blazers organization, my teammates, the media, and you fans gave me. The past nine years have been a blessing, and I will take all of the valuable memories with me as I head back home.
How are you liking the city of Cleveland? Kevin Love: I live downtown so I’m only a couple blocks away from where we play so it is super easy and efficient to get around. The practice facility is one of the best in the entire league. It is also a foodie town and nostalgically it kind of reminds me of Portland in a lot of ways. Except for the rain, there is a lot of snow and wind off of Lake Erie. That is fine with me though. I came from Minnesota so it wasn’t too hard to adjust.
Rasheed Wallace owes more than $150,000 in unpaid property taxes. His wife submitted an electronic payment last week for $34,686 dollars but when the county went to get the funds, they were told the account is not valid. It’s possible that because an electronic payment was made, the wrong account number could have been entered by mistake. We’ve all made typos, but the taxes remain unpaid.