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Predrag Danilovic Rumors

That seemed to be the end of it, but after one hour “Fido” stabbed Danilovic who was transferred immediately to the hospital and after a two hours surgery, he escaped every possible danger. When Danilovic woke up after the procedure, he refused to give the real name of “Fido” to the police. However, his other friends did what they had to do, “Fido” will be taken to court and of course he will be punished. When the rest of the company asked him why he did something so crazy, his answer was “ask Danilovic”.
Serbian police say Predrag Danilovic, who played for the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks, is seriously injured after being stabbed in a fight. Police say Danilovic was hurt during a brawl early Saturday in a cafe in a residential part of the capital, Belgrade. Doctors say Danilovic underwent an operation to treat injuries to his abdomen, head and arms. The reason for the brawl was not immediately known.