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Princepal Singh Rumors

“Most of the players who have made it this far from our country have only made it to the G League,” he says. “I want to go beyond that and show everyone in India that we are not just meant for the G League but also meant for the NBA.” “He’s put out the dream,” says Akshay Kotenkar, the director of basketball operations at NBA Academy India. “He is literally clearing the pathway for a lot of players. … And there’s so much more for him to achieve in this adventure.”
“Basketball is the only thing he talks,” Kotenkar says. “And he just goes around putting smiles on people’s faces.” Shaw has noticed Singh’s shooting range increase and seen improvement in his screen-setting, rebounding and defensive prowess around the rim. The 6′ 10″ center admits that while he used to think some of his international competitions were physical, he’s experienced a whole new level of physicality with Ignite, practicing not just against fellow prospects but NBA veterans like Johnson, Donta Hall and Jarrett Jack. “He’s not going to back down from anybody,” Shaw says.