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Qingdao Rumors

NBA star Tracy McGrady has stopped a game in China – after fans of his new Chinese club began throwing things on court, angry he wasn’t playing. Authorities in China halted a basketball match involving former NBA superstar Tracy McGrady after fans began tossing objects onto the court, angry at his limited time in the game, a report said Wednesday. The seven-time NBA All Star created a sensation when he signed with the Chinese Basketball Association’s Qingdao Eagles last month, selling out each of the club’s three pre- season exhibition matches against a team of American players.
9 years ago via SBS
According to Qingdao’s general manager, Sheng Xishun, the Eagles’ goal with McGrady is to win a championship. But with the idea that his new signing will stick around for three years to rival Beijing’s Stephon Marbury as the CBA’s most popular foreign player, the goal for this year is to just make the playoffs. Good call when you consider the team saw a whopping seven players leave the team in the off-season, including the top Chinese scorer in the entire league in 2011-12, Li Gen.