Quin Snyder Rumors

Mike Conley: Well, after talking to Coach Quin, we all realize what the ultimate goal is – and it’s everyone’s ultimate goal – and that’s winning a championship. We know that. Are we going to achieve the daily goals to become a champion? Whether that be getting the most out of each other every practice and shootaround, making sure we’re 100 percent locked in before games, making sure we’re always on time with nobody wandering in late, sacrificing different things in between the lines… Are we doing those things every day? That’s what it boils down to. I think we’re at the stage where we’re just working and trying to stay humble and stay focused and respect the game. At the end of the day, if we do all of the things I said, we have a good enough team, a good enough organization and good enough coaches to give ourselves a chance.
To try and understand Snyder’s drive — and his lure — isn’t actually too difficult. Simply, he is in the business of instilling belief, often when others have moved on to something, or somebody else. There are plenty of people involved in the rebirth of the Jazz organization, but the ethos — team-driven success, development within the walls of the Zions Bank Basketball Center and selflessness above all else — is why the Jazz are postseason regulars once again. “Like, if he said I am able to push this building down, he’d convince me, ‘Yeah, I probably could push this f****** building down,’” Ingles said.