Rachel Nichols Rumors

Rachel Nichols will host “The Jump” at 8 p.m., which will serve as a half-hour pregame show and will feature an interview with NBA commissioner Adam Silver. The lottery itself will start at 8:30, and the order should start being announced around 10 minutes into that program. There also will be an “NBA Countdown” show at 7 p.m. with host Michelle Beadle and analysts Jalen Rose, Paul Pierce and Chauncey Billups.
Storyline: Draft Lottery
Bill Simmons took to task his former employer ESPN for editing him out of an interview he conducted with NBA commissioner Adam Silver when World Wide Leader morning show “Get Up!” aired highlights on Wednesday — but the network claims it’s a non-story. “Incredible CGI efforts by “Get Up” to cut me out of last Friday’s Adam Silver interview,” Simmons tweeted. “They should have just replaced me with a hologram of [current ESPN host] Rachel Nichols.”
“Getting a chance to finish with the Lakers … went horribly wrong,” Nash told Rachel Nichols. “But it was an incredible opportunity and a pleasure to try and do whatever I could at the end of my career [to come back from injury]. I never worked harder in my life. And I will never forget the graciousness and support I got from the Lakers as well.” So what is Nash’s legacy in L.A.? The trade didn’t have the catastrophic consequences most anticipated as they watched those lottery balls dance during three straight springs. Efforts to preserve draft picks, as unwatchable as they are unreliable, yielded D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball.