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Rafael Stone Rumors

On one occasion, Stone walked onto the practice court to preach defensive philosophy, sources said, and is known to consult players on tactical improvements. If he were to make a change at head coach, it seems Stone would maintain a similar level of influence over the coaching staff and Rockets’ rotation, an increasing trend around the NBA.
Welcome to today’s class at “John Lucas University,” as general manager Rafael Stone refers to the Rockets’ developmental program for the several college-aged players on their roster. The drills vary by the day, but Lucas is always ratcheting up the intensity, putting the players in competitive situations, including full-court one-on-one contests. Lucas’ hard-nosed tactics and colorful commentary — pushing, prodding, occasionally praising and sometimes cracking up the players — are a constant. For the 1-9 Rockets, who host No. 1 overall pick Cade Cunningham and the Detroit Pistons tonight (7:30 p.m. ET on ESPN), the lessons are not only invaluable, they’re necessary. “I’m being told all the time, ‘Coach, you can’t be too hard on [Green],'” Lucas says later. “I’m talking about, ‘I’m not hard enough,’ because I see the potential. Everybody has a different way of loving somebody. “My love for him is not praising his ass, but to keep a foot in it.”