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Rawle Alkins Rumors

CBS: Did you get to show everything you can do at Arizona? Alkins: For sure I feel like I’m definitely going to showcase a lot more in the NBA, especially with the spacing and the three-second rule. That three-second rule is a killer because of the fact that you can’t stay in the lane and pack it like college. In college, you can just stay there the whole time. Now the guy has gotta be out the way. It makes it a lot easier to get to the rim. Pick-and-roll is going to be easier because of the fact that there’s a lot more space in the NBA, there’s not that much help. Basically you’re just like on an island. Watching James Harden and actually talking to James, who told me, like, a couple tips — basically what he does when he’s at the top of the key, he’s dribbling the ball and he’s not even worried about his first defender. He’s not worried about the guy guarding him.
Andrew Sharp: Which NBA guys have been talking to? Rawle Alkins: Just thinking off the top of my head right now… Donovan Mitchell, Jordan Bell, Blake Griffin, Stanley Johnson. I’ve met with a lot of them. Working out in L.A., and you see a bunch of NBA guys. I talked to guys who’ve been successful, and guys who haven’t been. So it’s both worlds. They tell me that the adversity is real. There’s gonna be great days, but the NBA is a long year. 82 games. You might have a great day one game, and the next day play your worst game. It’s important to stay level headed and just keep that positive mindset.