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RC Buford Rumors

“I’ve always taken great inspiration from what the Spurs did forever,” Sheppard said, citing the franchise famous for Manu Ginobili (Argentina), Tony Parker (France) and even Tim Duncan (Virgin Islands) as successful overseas stars. “They were the gold standard. It’s not like they said, ‘Let’s go get international guys.’ It kind of organically grew that way. You take a lot of notes over the years and you see what works in different places.”
The truth of the matter was the Nets — who spent an NBA-record $197 million on their roster in 2013-14, including $90 million in luxury taxes — had low-balled Marks. According to sources, their initial offer was for a little more than $1 million per season — or around the same salary he was making as RC Buford’s No. 2 in San Antonio. After negotiations that spanned deep into the night, Brooklyn saved the deal basically by doubling Marks’ annual salary. The next day, Sean Marks was officially Brooklyn-bound. “It’s a testament to Mikhail and Dmitry (Razumov),” Mike Forde said.
Asked about the Popovich to New York rumors, where former Spurs executive and current Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks could be seeking his services, Buford said the Spurs are “under the assumption” Popovich is returning. The coach is also scheduled to coach the USA basketball men’s national team in next summer’s rescheduled Olympic games in Tokyo. “I don’t know if he’s told Brian any differently,” Buford said. “Pop’s shown nothing other than how we’re going to build our team for next year.”
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